Monday, January 21, 2019

Activity Update December 2018: Tadoba


Adegaon -  Our field assistant Kishor discusses livelihood options
with members of women's SHG

Adegaon - Dr. Gulde treats a child at free medical camp 


Adegaon - Students and young villagers
join in an anti-plastic programme organised by us

Bhamdeli - Students learn about water conservation
through a film show and lecture
Katwal - Members of women's SHG participate in village cleanliness drive

Katwal - Students of Zilla Parishad school play a game
that teaches how all species are dependent on each other

Mr Kunal Sharma with guides from Khutwanda Gate

Village volunteers building a check dam

Conservation Officer: Mr. Ajay Poddar
Field Assistant: Mr. Kishor Dudhbarai
Highlights of the month:
·      4 anti-plastic programs and programs to clean areas around hand pumps - 105 villagers participated
·      2 check dams built - 26 villagers participated
·      9 environment education programs- 328 students attended
·      Nature guides’ personality development program – 20 guides attended
·      6 women’s SHG meetings were organised - 135 members attended
·      7 VEDC meetings were organised - 195 members attended
·      8 young villagers selected for driving training program
·      6 Mobile Health Unit (MHU) camps –283 patients treated  
·      Man-animal conflict survey carried out in buffer zone villages


On December 13th, 14th, 18th and 29th, we organised cleanliness and anti-plastic programs in Dewada, Katwal, Adegaon, and Mudholi. Programs were organised to sanitise the area around the villages, removing litter that sometimes leads wildlife to venture into villages, causing man-animal conflict. We collected over 10 kilograms of plastic litter through voluntary public participation (voluntary work project). A total of 105 villagers including members of women’s Self Help Groups (SHGs) volunteered for these activities.

On December 7th and 27th, we constructed check dams near Mudholi and Kondegaon villages through a voluntary work project. 27 villagers volunteered for the construction work.

Education Program
On December 3rd ,4th ,8th ,15th ,18th ,18th ,21st and 26th, we organised environment education  programs in Zilla Parishad (ZP) schools of Khutwanda, Katwal, Sitarampeth, Bhamdeli, Dewada and Adegaon. We  organised these programs with students and teachers in order to make them aware of the importance of biodiversity and conservation. We taught them about nature and wildlife’s value through interactive sessions and various nature games. A total of 311 students participated in the programs.
On December 19th , nature club ‘Leopard’ of ZP school, Dewada set up  a kitchen garden on the school campus. 17 students of the club participated in the activity.

Employment Cell
We organised 8 village eco-development committee (VEDC) meetings and 4 women’s Self Help Group (SHG) meetings, focusing on alternative livelihoods which would reduce dependence on the forests that leads to man-animal conflict and degradation of forests.
A total of 330 villagers attended these meetings and shared their thoughts.
In the SHG meetings, we discussed forming groups of interested people who are willing to be trained in making paper bags and in embroidery. This training will be provided by Nehru Yuva Kendra (NYK), Chandrapur. A total of 135 members attended these meetings.
In the VEDC meetings, we discussed and explained short- and long-term benefits of fodder plantation. We also discussed increasing numbers of man-animal confrontations in the Moharli buffer area and how to prevent this by adopting cattle sheds and stall feeding for their cattle, which sometimes fall prey to medium and large carnivores in the area. A total of 195 villagers attended these meetings.
 On December 25th and 26th, we organised a ‘Nature Guides Development Program’ for guides of Khutwanda gate (core) and Moharli gate (core/buffer). Mr. Kunal Sharma (GIZ India) spoke about how to improve as nature guides and the need to promote ecotourism. 20 nature guides attended these sessions.

8 more eligible young villagers from Tadoba buffer registered for four-wheeler driving training, which is being organised by SF and funded by Maharashtra State Forest Department.  We are making a list of 50 unemployed eligible young villagers and training will start later in January month.
Details of the programs are given below:

List of the candidates (four-wheeler driving training)

Mobile Health Unit:
Team:  Dr. Aashish Gulde, MHU driver – Mr. Gajanan Shanware, MHU coordinator- Mr. Deepak Gayna
6 camps were organised by us in December at which a total of 283 patients got free treatment and medicines.