Monday, May 26, 2014

Activity Update April 2014: Satpura Tiger Reserve

Ashfaq Aarbi – Conservation officer


·      Assisted in fighting fires in forest on 3 occasions
·      Organized village meetings at  Nayakheda and Parraspani on relocation
·      Putting up of pots for drinking water for birds at Nayakheda
·      5 awareness programmes on forest fires in Matkuli and
Pachmarhi clusters
·      3 unemployed youths identified for making bags
·      Organized visit of unemployed villagers to Kuwabadla to see how lantana products are made
·      Prepared village profile of 11 villages in buffer zone, Pachmarhi range

·      Visit to Birjikhapa to follow up on status of relocated villagers 


With the onset of summer, forest fires are a major hazard in the dry, deciduous forests across the landscape. Wherever possible, our teams make it their top priority to assist in fighting fires. During April, Ashfaq assisted in fighting fires on 3 occasions – at Mehandikheda (April 18 in different compartments) and at Raikheda on April 30.

At Mehandikheda

During the month, Ashfaq also organized 5 programmes in villages to promote awareness about forest fires and the need for everyone to join hands in fighting fires. In 2 of the meetings, local staff of the Forest Department joined us in addressing the villagers.

Our teams also work across the landscape to provide water to birds during the scorching summer. Ashfaq motivated villagers in Nayakheda to put up small containers with water around the village and its outskirts for birds to quench their thirst.

Preparing water pots at Nayakheda

The other major work during April was related to relocation of villages from Satpura Tiger Reserve.  On April 29, Ashfaq organized a meeting of the residents of Parraspani and Nayakheda villages to discuss relocation-related issues. Shri L.K. Shukla (Dep Ranger) and Shri Chain Singh Dhurve (Dep Ranger) participated in this programme. Ashfaq was asked to organize this meeting by R P Singh, Chief Conservator of Forests and Field Director, Satpura Tiger Reserve.

On April 30, Ashfaq led the villagers to a proposed relocation site at Tekapaar. Earlier Ashfaq had already taken the villagers to 2 other proposed relocation sites at Baridevi and Amadehi on April 24.

Field Director R P Singh had identified 10 new villages in the Pachmarhi range and 7 new villages in Denwa range where he wants Satpuda Foundation to engage in grassroots conservation work. Ashfaq has started to prepare village profiles and will start work on socio-economic surveys of these villages.

Environment education

There were no programmes as schools were shut for the annual summer holiday.

Education Van

There were no programmes as schools were shut for the annual summer holiday.

Employment Cell

During the month, Ashfaq explained the potential for earning additional income by making and selling re-usable bags from waterproof material to some residents of Matkuli. They were asked to make samples and will be assisted with market linkages once they are able to make products of the right quality.

Details of the villagers that Ashfaq spoke to:

Matkuli - villagers stitching bags following our sample

Ashfaq took Keshav Kahar, a resident of Matkuli,  to Kuwabadla, a village around 50 km from Matkuli, where the Forest Department has organized villagers to make and sell products from lantana. Keshav has shown interest in taking up this work at Matkuli.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Activity Update April 2014: Pench Madhya Pradesh

Team: Saket Agasti – Assistant Conservation Officer
            Niranjan Hinge, Bandu Uikey – Field Assistants
·      One programme to clean waterhole near  Turia village as part of Earth Day programme
·      One n programme to clean waterhole near Aamajhari  village
·      6 nature trails and bird-watching programmes  for school children of Satosha, Turia, Aamajhari
·      8 medical camps held, in which 269 patients were treated 
·      Installed three water pots for small animals and birds


On April 22, Earth Day was celebrated by cleaning a waterhole near Turia village. Our field assistant Niranjan Hinge gathered children from the village and guided them in the programme. This water body is 0.5 km away from Pench Tiger Reserve and is used by both domestic and wild animals. Cleaning of the waterhole included clearing of stagnant water and removal of organic litter from the bed of the waterhole.

Cleaning a waterhole near Turia

Cleaning a waterhole at Aamajhari

On April 15, Niranjan took 12 children from Ambadi village on a nature trail. On the trail Niranjan spotted some of the birds common to the area like Indian Roller, Rufous Tree pie, Black Drongo, Cattle Egrets, etc. He explained to the children the role of nature in human life. He also encouraged them to assist in wildlife conservation.

Niranjan identifies birds on a nature trail for Ambadi children

Nature trail for children of Satosha - explaining importance of birds

On April 18, 22, 25 and 29 similar trails were organized by Niranjan for the children of Satosha, Turia and Aamajhari villages.

With the summer heat picking up, our teams motivate villagers to put up water pots for birds and small animals in villages in our area s of operation across the landscape. In Pench, we motivated children in 3 villages to put up pots, which they will refill as and when required. Photos below: putting up water pots in Turia.

Environmental Education Programme

In April, there was no classroom programme as schools were shut for the annual summer vacations.

On April 19, Field assistant Niranjan Hinge took 11 children from Turia village on a nature trail. On the trail, various nature games were also organized for the children. These games help children learn about nature through fun-filled activities. Photo below.

IT Education Programme

Satpuda Foundation is running a programme to introduce computers to village children. The programme is run thanks to donations of computers from organisations/corporates/individuals. In Pench (M P), this programme is being implemented in Govt. Middle School, Teliya and Satpuda Foundation’s Field Office, Turia.

Till date, around 26 children from these villages are attending the classes and have got basic knowledge about using computers.

Education Van Programme

There were no film shows as schools were shut for the annual summer holiday.

Mobile Health Unit (MHU)

We held 8 medical camps in April in which 269 patients were treated.

Medical camp at Tuyepani