Friday, January 20, 2017

Activity Update November 2016: Pench Madhya Pradesh



Team: Mandar Pingle – Conservation Officer
            Niranjan Hinge, Kamlesh Pawar– Field Assistants

·      One voluntary work programme to construct a check dam in Kundai village
·      One voluntary work programme to dig compost pit in Satosha village
·      Two conservation awareness rallies in Ambadi and Kundai
·      One anti-plastic drive in Thuyepani village
·      21 classroom education sessions arranged for 481 students of 21 villages
·      7 nature trails organised for 72 students of villages
·      Niranjan repaired one biogas unit in Turiya village
·      107 patients treated free of charge during 6 medical camps
·      Assisted 1 unemployed youth in getting vocational training and 1 unemployed youth to get placed
·      Organised a four-wheeler driver’s training program for 30 youths


On November 28, Niranjan Hinge organised a voluntary work programme to dig a compost pit in Satosha village. Seven villagers volunteered for the program. Leftover biodegradable waste from the farms, collected after reaping of crops, was used to prepare compost, which will be later used in the farms as fertilizer. This will reduce the use of chemical fertilisers and help improve the soil quality. Niranjan also explained to the villagers that this compost is an organic fertiliser which is safer to use as compared to chemical fertilisers.

On November 3, Kamlesh Pawar led 6 villagers of Kundai village in a programme to build a check dam on a stream near the village through voluntary work programme. The villagers constructed the check dam using sandbags. The temporary check dam was constructed in order to control the flow of water in the stream and help reduce soil erosion on the banks of the stream. The water can now also be used for irrigation and for cattle to drink.

On November 15, Kamlesh Pawar led72 students of Thuyepani in an anti-plastic and conservation rally programme, where they collected wrappers, bags and other stuff made out of plastic in sacks to reduce the plastic waste from the area. In the rally, which focused on bio-diversity conservation, the participants went across all the main roads in the village, chanting slogans like ‘’Apna farz nibhayenge, Tiger ko bachayenge’’.

On November 8, Kamlesh organised a nature awareness rally for 60 students of Government Middle School of Kundai village. The rally was organised to create awareness amongst the villagers about the degradation of natural resources and pollution of environment. The students raised slogans during the rally and caught the attention of all the villagers. The students pledged to make efforts to protect the environment and wildlife. A similar rally was organised by Niranjan Hinge in Ambadi village in which 21 students participated.

In November, we organised a total of 7 nature trails for the children of Turiya, Khamrith, Durgapur, Satosha, Chirrewani, Mohgaon and Doodhgaon villages. On the trails, our staff spoke to the children about the various plants found locally and common medicinal uses of those plants. They were also taught how to spot and identify birds. The importance of birds in nature was also explained to the children.

Niranjan Hinge repaired a biogas unit in Turiya village on November 19. The owner of the unit Mr. Anandrao Hinge had approached Niranjan for assistance. Niranjan, along with 2 other villagers, repaired the unit. Use of biogas unit has reduced the dependency of Mr. Anandrao Hinge and his family on fuelwood from the forest considerably and is a cheaper and more eco-friendly option than cooking gas.

Environment education

Employment Cell

One youth got a job and another was admitted to a training programme with our assistance.

Mobile Health Service (MHS)

Our team organised 6 medical camps in November 2016.