Friday, June 21, 2019

Activity Update May 2019: IUCN Project in the Pench-Bor Wildlife Corridor


Telgaon - Our colleague Nilesh reviews operations
of the SHG Durga Mahila Bachat Gat

Telgaon - Young villagers from Telgaon
at PACE hospitality training centre in Sillari

Telgaon -Our colleague Nilesh guides village children
on a nature trail near Kolar Lake

Umari - Our colleague Nilesh speaks about
the ecological importance of birds


Mandar Pingle – Conservation Officer
Nilesh Telang –
Field Assistant

Highlights: (Table 1)

      Six unemployed young villager sent for hospitality training program
      Assistance to one Self-Help Group to procure raw materials for food processing micro-enterprise in Bidgaon
      Ongoing assistance to women’s Self-Help Group from Telgaon
      Three nature trails organised in Umari and Telgaon

Livelihoods training: (Table2)

On May 8, Satpuda Foundation assisted six unemployed young villagers from Telgaon register for a hospitality training program. The two-month long training program is being administered by Pratham Arora Centre for Education (PACE) and is funded by the Maharashtra State Forest Department. The candidates will learn the trades and skills of hospitality, housekeeping, food and beverages that are required for jobs in hotels, resorts, etc.

Assistance to Women’s Self- Help Groups (SHGs):
On May 7, Satpuda Foundation organised a meeting with Durga Mahila Bachat Gat, a women’s SHG. During the meeting, our team taught the group to maintain their accounts and reviewed an ongoing initiative to make paper bags. The group is now earning Rs 3,000 to 3,500 a month from the manufacture and sale of paper bags.

On May 9, Satpuda Foundation assisted Jai Seva Mahila Bachat Gat of Bidgaon to procure raw materials for their spice processing micro-enterprise. We had helped this group apply and procure food registration from Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and Udyog Aadhaar from the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Ministry to start the spice processing unit.

Nature Education and Awareness:
On May 2, we organised a nature trail for students of Umari village. Early in the morning, we took 8 students on a bird-watching trail near the Umari Lake near their village. Students were able to spot many birds like shikra, crested bunting, red-wattled lapwing etc. During the trail, Nilesh gave information on local trees and plants. Nilesh explained to the students the ecological importance of the lake and why it is necessary to keep the water body clean.

A similar trail was organised on May 2 for 10 students of Telgaon near Kolar Lake and later on May 12 for 8 students from Umari.
On May 3, we organised an indoor nature education  program for eight students from Umari village. The students assembled at our field office in Umari to learn about birds. Nilesh taught the students about various bird species found near their village. He explained that birds are indicators of ecological health and, therefore, we need to make efforts to conserve birds and their habitats. He suggested that during the harsh summer season the students can place water pots for birds. The students collected used plastic bottles and prepared water pots for birds. They installed these pots in cool shady places which have little human disturbance.