Monday, June 14, 2010

Preview: reusable shopping bags made by the Sawra Self-Help Group

In an earlier post "A stitch in time" I wrote about the sewing course SF organized in Sawra in collaboration with Pratham's skill centre. Click here to read about it.

One of the first items being made by the Sawra Self-Help Group is reusable shopping bags. This is the design they are starting with. Each bag can be folded away into a small pouch that can be easily carried in one's handbag or pocket. The bags will be made from different fabrics, some waterproof, some durable and also some made of handwoven and hand-dyed fabric. Proceeds from this product will go directly into the bank account of the Sawra group and will not be routed through Satpuda Foundation. Each bag will have a tag on it explaining that it was made by Gond tribal villagers living in the Pench tiger landscape.

The first batch of bags should be in Mumbai by end July or early August. We'll keep you posted.

All images: Kirti Chavan


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Priya Gundanna said...

Beautiful bags! Can't wait to buy a few of them. Please let us know when they will be made available. I'm from Bangalore.

Mita said...

Are the bags available now? How do we buy them?

Rajashree Khalap said...

Hi. I've just returned from Pench and the bag finish is very good now. Kirti will be bringing some back with him next week and the rest I'll get in mid-October. They will be available in Mumbai and I think Hyderabad, but we need people to volunteer to sell them in other cities.

Sonia said...

Great! I'm in Mumbai. How can I buy them?

Rajashree Khalap said...

Thanks Sonia, we will be keeping some with volunteers in different parts of town - still sorting out details but could you email me telling me which area you live in, so we can work out something convenient to you? My ID - rajashree DOT khalap AT gmail DOT com