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Activity Update June 2016: Pench Maharashtra


Ghatpendari - Conservation Officer Mandar Pingle
interacts with villagers during a VEDC meeting
Ghoti - Villagers dig a soak pit

Kadbikheda - Dr. Zanjal examines blood pressure
of a lady at our free medical camp
Sawangi - Our field assistant Bandu Uikey and Forest Guard
Y T Ghasle explain importance of World Environment Day to students

Team: Anoop Awasthi – Asst. Director
Mandar Pingle Conservation Officer
            Bandu Uikey, Dilip Lanjewar – Field assistants


·      Assisted in formation of 2 village eco-development committees (VEDCs) in Sawangi and Pench-Kukda
·      Bandu Uikey joined Forest Department staff on anti-poaching patrols three times and Dilip Lanjewar led VEDC patrols twice
·      One voluntary work project to clean waterhole at Mahadeo Ghati near Sawangi village
·      One voluntary work project to dig soak pit in Ghoti village
·      One voluntary work project to clean sewage drain in Ghatpendhari village
·      19 programmes to dig pits for sapling plantation programme during monsoon – around 2,800 pits dug
·      Community Officer Dilip Lanjewar organized 2 VEDC meetings in Khapa and Ghoti on 3 & 16 June respectively
·      4 nature trails organized during the month - 2 in East Pench and 2 in West Pench
·      6 medical camps – 134 patients treated
·      Celebrated World Environment Day 2016 in Ghoti and Sawangi
·      Community Officer Bandu Uikey assisted in distribution of seeds to 26 farmers in Ghatpendhari
·      Community Officer Dilip Lanjewar organized a meeting for farmers’ training in organic farming in Dahoda on 22 June
·      Dilip Lanjewar assisted in forming 2 groups of 33 farmers from Pipariya and 25 farmers from Dahoda to take up organic farming
·      Mandar and Bandu organized a VEDC meeting in Ghatpendhari for unemployed youths
·      Assisted Saila Tribal Dance group in earning Rs 5,000 during June



Field assistant Bandu Uikey joined local staff of the Forest Department in anti-poaching patrols on June 11, 16 and 26. Members of the village eco-development committee (VEDC) of Ghatpendari and Saleghat joined Bandu in the patrols in the jungle near Ghatpendari.

Similarly, Dilip Lanjewar led 5 members of Khapa VEDC and 6 members of Wagholi VEDC on anti-poaching patrols on June 26 and 29 respectively.

On June 16, Dilip led a team of 8 villagers of Ghoti in a voluntary work project programme to clean the area next to a hand pump in Ghoti. Leaves, plastic and other organic matter had spread around the hand pump. The team collected the litter and cleaned the area. Later they also dug a soak pit near the hand pump. The water overflowing/spilling over from the hand pump now collects in the soak pit and helps to improve the groundwater level in the area. The soak pit also helps to clean the water before it mixes with the groundwater.

As part of our community assistance programmes, Bandu Uikey led a team of 12 villagers of Ghatpendari in a voluntary work project programme to clean a drain in the village on June 23. Leaves, plastic and other organic matter had fallen into the drain and clogged it up, making it difficult for water to flow.

On June 18, Bandu Uikey led a team of students to clean the fresh water spring in Mahadev-ghati area near Dhawlapur. The students along with Bandu Uikey removed plastic waste as well as rotting leaves in order to clean the fresh water source. Mahadev-ghati area is a place of religious importance for the local population and many devotees visit the temple located there. Numerous bird species like flycatchers, thrushes, babblers, drongos, hornbills etc can be regularly sighted in this region. Wild animals like leopards, wild dogs, spotted deer, sambhar deer etc use the water body for drinking. Bandu explained to the students the need to conserve these fresh water springs and why regular cleaning of these springs is necessary.

On June 15 and June 16, Dilip led 14 children from Pipariya and 12 children from Ghoti villages respectively on nature trails in the jungle adjoining the villages. On the trails, Dilip explained about the importance of trees and wild life in our ecosystem. The children were able to spot birds like Indian Pitta, Drongo, Shikra, and Jungle Owlet.

Similar programs were organized by Bandu Uikey for 20 students from Dhawlapur and 10 students of Ghatpendari villages on June 18 and 19 respectively. Bandu Uikey was accompanied by forest guards and Special Tiger Protection Force staff during the nature trails.

During June 2016, Dilip Lanjewar and Bandu Uikey along with Conservation Officer Mandar Pingle encouraged villagers from 22 villages inside the buffer area of Pench Tiger Reserve to dig pits for our planned plantation drive during the monsoon.

They encouraged villagers to make pits inside school campuses, community land, Gram Panchayat campus, Anganwadi, roadsides and in the farmlands. They encouraged students, farmers, SHG members and tourist guides to come forward and volunteer in the voluntary work project.

1,500 pits were dug in 8 villages of West Range while 1,265 pits were dug in 11 villages of East Range of Pench Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra.

On June 1, Community Officer Bandu Uikey assisted staff from the Forest Department in the formation of a VEDC in Sawangi village of Saleghat range. During the meeting, 70 villagers were present. Bandu Uikey read out and explained the details of the Government Resolution for formation of the VEDC. He explained the advantages of a VEDC and its importance for socio-economic development of the village and the responsibilities of the villagers towards the protection of the forest area adjoining the village.

Bandu also explained to the villagers about the various works that can be undertaken by the VEDC. On June 4, Bandu Uikey assisted in the formation of a similar VEDC in Pench-Kukda village in West Range of Pench Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra during which 80 villagers were present.

On June 3, Dilip Lanjewar organized a VEDC meeting for self help groups (SHGs) of women in Khapa village. A pounding machine has been provided by the VEDC to prepare various spices and condiments which can provide a substantial livelihood to the villagers.

Dilip Lanjewar explained the use of the machine and encouraged the womens’ SHGs to come forward and use the machine to earn a livelihood by starting a small business. 8 women from the village attended the meeting and showed interest in the business idea. Such initiatives help improve the economic conditions of the villagers, empower the women and help reduce their dependence on forests for livelihood.

On June 6, Mandar Pingle organized a similar meeting with the assistance of Bandu Uikey in Ghatpendari. 30 villagers participated and were informed about various employment related options. Mandar also provided information on vocational/technical training programmes that can help the youth to earn a better livelihood.

On June 22, Dilip helped organize a meeting of farmers from Ghoti, Dahoda and Tuyepar villages on organic farming techniques. The meeting was organized by the state Agriculture Department. 33 farmers attended the meeting during which they were provided information about various schemes for organic farming, techniques of organic farming and advantages of organic farming.

Separately, Bandu Uikey assisted the Agriculture Department in the distribution of good quality non-hybrid seeds in Ghatpendari village. Satpuda Foundation encourages farmers to practice organic farming in order to conserve soil and environment.

On June 5, Satpuda Foundation celebrated World Environment Day 2016 in various villages of the buffer area of Pench Tiger Reserve. Mandar Pingle along with Dilip Lanjewar celebrated the day with villagers of Ghoti.

During the celebrations, Mandar and Dilip explained to the villagers their responsibilities towards the conservation of forests in the region. The villagers performed ‘vriksh pooja’ to mark the beginning of the celebrations.

Mandar and Dilip made use of an interactive game to help villagers understand a sustainable way to use natural resources in order to protect the environment for future generations. Mandar encouraged the villagers to take up an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Mr. Dilip Chaple, member of the VEDC, echoed the same thought during his speech. Mr. Shivraj Shinde, chief guest on the occasion, urged people to take up the responsibility of environmental protection.

The villagers pledged to take up the responsibility to protect the environment by taking up activities like tree plantation, garbage management, water conservation, soil conservation, organic farming and wildlife conservation with Satpuda Foundation and the Forest Department.

Bandu Uikey celebrated the day along with students from Sawangi village. He organized a conservation rally followed by a nature trail and nature games.

Employment Cell

During June, one unemployed youth got a job with our assistance.

A tribal dance group, Saila, comprising villagers from Sawara, earned Rs 5,000/- in June through 1 programme. The group was set up with our assistance and we help it by speaking to resort owners to organize performances by the group.

Mobile Health Service (MHS)

There were 6 camps in June.

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