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Activity Update July 2017: Pench Madhya Pradesh


Dewari - talking to students on Global Tiger Day

Khamarpani - Our Conservation Officer Bandu Uikey
talks to S K College students about first aid for snake bites

Teliya - Conservation rally on Gl

Turiya - preparing a compost pit


Team: Mandar Pingle – Conservation Officer
            Bandu Uikey – Conservation Officer
            Niranjan Hinge, Kamlesh Pawar – Field Assistants
·      One soak pit prepared in Chirrewani, 12 students volunteered
·      One compost pit dug in Turiya, 5 villagers volunteered
·      Showcased film with message to protect snakes on occasion of Nag Panchami festival in S. K. College, Khamarpani 
·      Celebrated Global Tiger Day along with 280 students of Government High school, Dewari and 53 students of Government Middle school, Telia
·      2 nature trails for school children of Satosha, Potiya, Durgapur, Thuyepani, Mohgaon and Khamarpani  villages – attended by 67 students
·      15 environment education lectures – attended by 875 students
·      5 Film shows– attended by 597 students
·      6  medical camps at which 280  patients were treated
·      112 saplings of local tree species planted in 6 villages


On July 29, Satpuda Foundation celebrated Global Tiger Day 2017 in various villages in the buffer area of Priyadarshini Pench Tiger Reserve. A film show was organised on the occasion and documentaries based on the ecology of tigers were showcased in Government High School, Dewari. During the film show, Mandar Pingle and Bandu Uikey interacted with the students and answered their queries regarding co-existence with tigers and wildlife.

Saplings of local tree species like Indian gooseberries (amla), mango and neem were planted by students in the school campus. Students and teachers pledged to save tigers and forests on the occasion and also spread the message of the day to their friends and family members.

On the same day, Niranjan Hinge organised an awareness rally with 35 students of Government School in Telia village. The students created awareness among the villagers by shouting slogans and explaining to villagers the need to protect tigers to conserve nature. Later Niranjan organised a classroom lecture, followed by a drawing competition for the students.

A nature trail was also organised for 25 children of Turiya village in the evening. Niranjan led the children on the nature trail and spoke with them on the biodiversity of these forests.

On July 31, Kamlesh led 12 students from Govt Middle School of Chirrewani village in a voluntary work programme to prepare a soak pit. The pit will collect the spill over water from the hand pump on the school campus. He explained the purpose of the soak pit and how it helps recharge the water table to the participants.

On July 1, Niranjan led 5 villagers of Turiya village in a programme to prepare a compost pit. The villagers volunteered after Niranjan explained to them that they will be able to make use of the organic compost produced in their farms free of cost. Niranjan also explained to the villagers the proper procedure to prepare eco-friendly organic compost using degradable house and farm waste.

In July, 2 nature trails were organised by Niranjan for the children of Aamajhiri and Turiya villages. On the trails, Niranjan spoke to the children about the various plants and common medicinal uses of those plants. They also spotted and identified local birds along the trail.

Kamlesh Pawar and Niranjan Hinge organised plantation drive programs in numerous villages during July. Saplings of local tree species like amla, tamarind, mahua, and neem were planted with the help of villagers, students and teachers in Turiya, Kundai, Dewari, Bisenpur, and Thuyepani villages. The saplings were planted on school, anganwadi and Gram Panchayat campuses. Some saplings were also planted along the roads and in farmlands.

Environmental Education Programme

There were 15 environment education programmes in classrooms during July.                 

Education Van Programme

5 film shows were organised during the month of July.

On July 27, Mandar, Bandu and Kamlesh organised an awareness session on snakes in S.K.College in Khamarpani. 160 students were present during the session. Mandar showcased a film on snakes found in the central Indian landscape. He further explained to the students about the various types of venomous and non-venomous snakes.

Bandu Uikey explained to the students the dos and don’ts while dealing with snake bites.
Round Officers for Madhya Pradesh Forest Department Mr Kushwah and Mr Patwari were present during the film show and interacted with the students as well.

Mobile Health Service (MHS)

We held 6 medical camps in July, in which 280 patients were treated.

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