Thursday, June 14, 2018

Activity Update April 2018: IUCN Project in Pench-Bor & Melghat-Bor corridors


Melghat-Bor corridor, Bhingara ZP School - a nature education film

Bidgaon, Pench-Bor corridor - scented candles made by
a Womens' Self-Help Group

Telgaon, Pench-Bor corridor - Azolla tank set up at Umrao Mahajan's farm
to improve nutrition for cattle

Telgaon, Pench-Bor corridor - our Field Assistant Nilesh discusses
livelihood options with villagers

Telgaon, Pench-Bor corridor - Field Assistant Nilesh
teaches a Women's Self-Help Group to make scented candles

Telgaon, Pench-Bor corridor - Umrao Mahajan prepares a tank
for azolla cultivation


Team: Mandar Pingle – Conservation Officer
            Anirudh Kawishwar – Asst. Conservation Officer (Melghat-Bor Corridor)
            Nilesh Telang – Community Officer (Pench-Bor Corridor)


      Identified a batch of 15 candidates from 3 villages in Melghat-Bor corridor for 4-wheeler driver training
      Trained 4 groups of women from 3 villages of Pench-Bor corridor in making scented candles
      Assisted women’s self help group (SHG) from Bidgaon in marketing scented candles and earning ₹5,500/
      Assisted women’s self help group of Telgaon in earning ₹5000/- through marketing and sale of scented candles
      Organised awareness session for dairy farmers on cultivation and use of Azolla fodder supplement in 3 villages of Melghat-Bor  corridor
      Trained one dairy farmer from Telgaon in Azolla cultivation
      One nature education session organised in Zilla Parishad school, Bhingara

In the month of April, Aniruddha Kawishwar identified and organised a batch of 15 candidates to be trained in driving four-wheelers. 4 candidates each are from Pingali (Bu.) and Zari villages while 7 candidates are from Bhingara village. The training is scheduled to start during first week of May 2018. Candidates from Zari will receive training from Akot Motor Driving School in Akot while candidates from Pingali (Bu.) and Bhingara villages will be trained by Sai Motor School in Jalgaon Jamod.

On April 4, Satpuda Foundation organised a programme to train members of Rani Durgawati Bachat Gat (SHG) of Telgaon village in making scented candles. During the programme, Nilesh Telang taught the members how to prepare scented candles using paraffin wax. The members practised preparing the candles during the training programme. Later on, the group prepared their first batch of 100 scented candles. Satpuda Foundation staff helped the group to sell the candles in Nagpur and helped them earn ₹5,000/-. These candles are in demand in resorts, spas, for decorations as well as for domestic use.

A similar training programme was organised at Umri village on April 10 and Telgaon and Lohgad villages on April 12.

In the month of April, Satpuda Foundation staff assisted women’s self help group from Bidgaon village in marketing and selling scented candles. The group was able to earn ₹5,500/- through sale of 110 scented candles.

On April 16, our team trained Mr. Umrao Mahajan, farmer from Telgaon village, in Azolla fodder supplement cultivation. Our team assisted him in preparing two tanks for Azolla cultivation. Mr. Umrao Mahajan owns 4 indigenous varieties of cows. Using Azolla fodder supplement helps to boost the milk production and quality of milk. Within a week, he was able to successfully cultivate Azolla and is now feeding it to his cattle.

This is part of our strategy to improve livestock management and dairy development.

On April 9, Aniruddha Kawishwar organised an awareness session for dairy farmers from Pingali (Bu.) village. He informed the villagers of the advantages of Azolla fodder supplement in improving milk production as well as quality of milk. He explained to the villagers that by cultivating and using Azolla, they can earn surplus income through dairy farming.

Similar sessions were organised for dairy farmers of Zari village on April 10, Shahnur village on April 11 and Bhingara village on April 13.

On April 13, Aniruddha Kawishwar organised a classroom session on nature education for students of Zilla Parishad school in Bhingara village.

During the session, Anirudh taught students about the adverse impact of forest fires on biodiversity and environment. He taught them about the local biodiversity and its importance in our lives.

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