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Activity Update November 2018: Kanha


Above and below - the well in Batwar before and after the surrounding
growth was cleared

Chhapri - Amit conducts a program about mushroom cultivation
for the Women's Self Help Group

Conservation Officer Amit discussing conservation issues
with Chhapri villagers

Check dam near Chhapri

Mantu Parte and his family learning about vermi-compost, Chhapri

Chhapri volunteers cleaning a waterhole and the surrounding area

Volunteers bringing material to construct a check dam near Chhapri

Wildlife film screening at Patpara 


Team: Amit AwasthiConservation Officer
            Sampathlal Dhurve – Field assistant
·      1 water conservation program – check dam built at Kauwajhodi Nallah, Chapri
·       1 existing waterhole cleaned at Kurrijhiriya near Chapri
·      1 voluntary work project for community assistance – cleaning of area around well at Batwar
·      6 awareness programs on conservation activity
·      Organised meeting of Panchayat samiti members and members of village Eco Development Committees and villagers
·      12 villagers applied for LPG connection under Ujjwala Yojana with our help
·      3 compost pits prepared in villages
·      One person trained in preparing vermi-compost
·      2 anti-plastic programs
·      Environment education program conducted in 10 schools - attended by 366 students
·      7 nature and wildlife film shows -- attended by 311 students      
·      2 unemployed young villagers placed in jobs at resorts
·      Organised mushroom cultivation training for SHG in Chapri


In water conservation work, we organised a program on November 5 to construct a check dam at Kauwajhodi Nallah, near Chapri village, inside the jungle. Tiger, leopard and sambar are spotted
regularly in the area around the check dam. The team included 8 young villagers and elder villagers.

During the month, our team organised programs to clean 1 existing waterhole inside the jungle, which had become clogged with organic litter.

On November 15, Amit and Sampath led a team of 9 people in a program to clear wild growth around a well at Batwar. Due to heavy rains, wild growth had proliferated around the well and access to the well was affected. Our team, which comprised 5 young villagers and 4 women from the village, removed the wild growth and cleaned the area.

We held 3 programs during November to promote awareness about conservation activities in villages. Details are given in the above table.

On November 26, we organised a meeting at Chapri of Panchayat Samiti, VEDC members and villagers of Chapri, Kutwahi, Sautiya, Batwar, Patpara and Manegaon. During the meeting Amit Awasthi explained that there is need to collectively work for wildlife conservation through community participation.

He emphasised that there is a need to improve fodder cultivation plots, implement stall feeding for cattle, stop illicit tree felling, and provide employment and skill development opportunities to youngsters and women. He asked the villagers to apply for LPG connections through Ujjwala Yojana in order to reduce their dependence on forests for firewood.

Amit also asked the VEDC members and villagers to assist Forest Department staff in keeping a check on poaching and illegal activities.

Amit Awasthi provided information regarding Ujjwala Yojna for LPG connection to villagers of the buffer area. He helped them fill up application forms to get the benefits of the scheme. SF aims to promote the usage of LPG in these villagers so as to reduce their dependence on forests for firewood.   
 Our team encourages organic farming as part of our strategy to reduce the impact of chemical fertilisers on fields adjoining prime wildlife areas. Part of our work includes giving assistance to villagers in setting up vermi-compost tanks and compost pits. During November, we helped 3 villagers dig compost pits – Kasturi Bai Maravi of Manegaon on November 24, Amar Singh Maravi of Patpara on November 27 and Laxman Uikey of Kutwahi on November 29.     

On November 25, our team provided training in preparing vermi-compost to Mantu Parte of Chapri village.

On November 10, our team organised an anti-plastic program at Manegaon. Amit and Sampath spoke to the villagers about the harmful impact of plastic/polythene on the environment and motivated them to remove such litter from the village. The team of villagers and students went around the village, collecting plastic and polythene litter/waste, which were then buried in a pit on the outskirts of the village. A similar anti-plastic program was organised at Sautiya on November 22.


During the month our team organised environment education programs in 10 schools in the villages in our area of operations.

Education van program

There were 7 film shows on nature and wildlife conservation in November.

Livelihood programs

On November14, we organised a program to train villagers in cultivating mushrooms. The training was held for members of Mahaveer SHG in Chapri village. Trainers Mrs Raima Bai Parte and Mr Mantu Parte taught the members the techniques of oyster mushroom cultivation.

Amit Awasthi explained the economic benefits of mushroom cultivation and provided guidance for marketing as well. SF provided 3 kg mushroom spawn during the training. 20 packets were prepared by the trainees during the training. Executive Director for SF Mr Giri Venkatesan was also present during the training.

Employment Cell

We helped 2 young villagers get jobs during the month of November.

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