Friday, August 17, 2018

Activity Update July 2018: Pench Madhya Pradesh


Clearing the wild growth around the hand pump at Teliya

The Teliya hand pump area after clearing

Aamajhari - Field Assistant Niranjan repairing a defective biogas unit

A rally of school children in Aamajhari

Nature education class in Deori

Our colleague Dasrath Pathe conducting a nature education class
in Kundai

Students planting saplings in Kundai

Conservation rally in Kundai

Kundai students with saplings

Dr Zanzal at our free health camp at Mohgaon

Awareness programme at Turiya on International Tiger Day

Turiya Womens SHG joining in our plantation drive

Turiya - event for International Tiger Day

Turiya Womens SHG with saplings for plantation


Team: Amit Awasthi – Conservation Officer
            Niranjan Hinge – Field Assistant

·      Organised 3 voluntary work programmes to area next to hand pumps
·      Repaired 2 defective biogas units in Potiya and Aamajhiri villages
·      3 awareness programme on natural resources in 3 villages
·      9 plantation programmes in which 405 saplings were planted
·      5 conservation awareness rallies carried out with 256 participants
·      Nature clubs created in 6 schools for assisting in conservation activities
·      19 classroom education lectures organised – attended by 635 students
·      6 film shows with conservation message organised –514 people attended
·      International Tiger Day celebrated in Turiya with  theme ‘women for conservation’
·      2 SHG members sent for capacity building training provided by NRLM
·       10 candidates registered for driving training
·      Organised 6 medical camps - 140 patients treated

Conservation work

On July 8, Amit and Niranjan led a team of 6 people in a programme to clear wild growth around a hand pump at Telia. Wild growth had proliferated around the hand pump and access to the pump was affected. Our team, which comprised 6 villagers, removed the wild growth and cleaned the area.

Two similar programmes were organised on July 16 and July 22 to clear the area next to hand pumps at Satosha and Doodhgaon villages (Khamarpani Cluster).

On July 3, Niranjan Hinge repaired a defective biogas unit in Aamajhiri village. Biogas helps reduce the dependency of villagers on fuel wood from forest areas and also avoids health issues due to reduced smoke emissions.

On July 20, Niranjan repaired another biogas unit in Aamajhiri.

We also held 3 programmes during July to promote awareness about natural resources in villages. Details are given in the above table.

During the month of July, 9 plantation programmes were carried out in which a total of 405 saplings belonging to various species like mango, neem, lemon, pipal, jamun, etc. were planted by the villagers. These saplings were earlier prepared by us with the help of the nature clubs formed in the schools.

On July 17, our team organised a function at Government Middle School, Potiya, to promote awareness about plantation and tiger conservation. As part of our programme, we organised a rally in which 58 students walked through the village, painting slogans for plantation, wildlife and nature conservation. Staff of Middle School and Primary School participated along with the students. 5 similar programmes were held in other schools. The details are given in the table above.

6 Nature clubs were formed in schools during the month of July. Students and teachers were made members of these clubs and will assist us in conservation activities and awareness campaigns. During this month, the nature clubs were first given the task of preparing saplings for plantation. Later, these saplings were used in plantation programmes carried out in schools and villages.

On July 29, we celebrated International Tiger Day in Turiya with members of 3 Self-Help Groups (SHGs) formed and supported by us. The theme for this year’s celebration was ‘Women for Conservation’. They were encouraged to practise livestock management, alternative fodder techniques, organic farming, vermi-compost and biodiversity conservation through their SHGs along with generating income for themselves. Videos of success stories were screened for inspiration, a drawing contest was conducted and later a plantation programme was carried out with these women. They were told how conserving tigers is critical for our survival.

Environmental Education Programme

There were 19 environment education programmes during July.     


Education Van Programme   
There were 6 film shows on nature and wildlife conservation in July.

Training Programme     

Two SHG members, Sandhya Deherwal and Gayatri Matre from Shrusti SHG were sent for capacity-building training provided by the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) at Janpad Panchayat, Chapara and Zilla Panchayat, Seoni. The training focused on documentation, register maintenance and professional functioning of SHGs.

Our team assisted 10 young villagers from Khamarpani cluster to register their names for the driving training programme at Ashok Leyland Driving Training Institute, Linga, Chhindwara.

Mobile Health Service (MHS)

We held 6 medical camps in July, in which 140 patients were treated.