Friday, May 13, 2016

Activity Update March 2016: Tadoba


Adegaon - Students water saplings planted during last monsoon

Katwal - Bandu speaks to students about conservation
at a programme to celebrate World Forest Day

Kondegaon - Bandu briefs students on drawing contest
organised by us to celebrate World Forest Day.

Kondegaon - Makeshift waterhole for birds prepared by our team 

Kondegaon - Students show off their efforts at
a drawing contest held to celebrate World Forest Day

Kutwanda - Students create makeshift waterhole for birds
on World Water Day

Moharli - Akash Mohurle, who got a job as tourist jeep driver
through our employment cell

Moharli - Makeshift barrier built by our volunteers
to prevent water from draining away

Moharli - Volunteers clean water body and build barrier to prevent seepage

Mudholi - Bandu holds a meeting to promote awareness about forest fires

Sitarampeth - Students and staff of village school set off on conservation rally
on World Forest Day


Bandu Kumare – Field assistant

·      Two programmes to clean water holes at Moharli and Khutwanda
·      Two programmes to place water pots for birds at Kondegaon and Khutwanda
·      Follow-up to plantation done earlier at Sitarampeth, Bhamdeli, Moharli and Adegaon
·      Fire awareness programmes in 2 villages – at Junona and Mudholi
·      Two conservation rally programmes at Adegaon and Sitarampeth
·       Drawing competition programme in 1 village on World Forest Day
·      1 youth placed as gypsy driver at Moharli
·      Classroom visits to 7 schools as part of environment education programme – attended by  194 students
·      2 visits to check on status of relocated villagers of Jamni and Navegaon   


On March 6, Bandu organized a programme to clear a water hole at Moharli. The water hole was clogged with organic waste and was overflowing. Bandu and 8 youths of the village cleaned the water hole. A similar programme was organized on March 12 at Khutwanda in which 4 youths from the village joined Bandu.

As the rains have not yet started, and the temperature is high, birds are struggling for water. Bandu organized programmes to put up pots with water for birds in 2 villages – Kondegaon and Khutwanda.

On March 9, Bandu organized a programme at Sitarampeth to follow up on plantation of saplings done last year. This is to ensure that saplings planted during the monsoon are live and have sufficient protection from grazing livestock. 20 students from the village school joined Bandu in the programme. Similar programmes were organized on March 12 at Bhamdeli in which 11 students participated, on March 19 at Moharli in which 27 students joined and March 22 at Adegaon in which 16 students participated.

On March 3, World Environment Day, Bandu organized a conservation rally in which 18 students of Zilla Parishad Primary School, Adegaon participated.

On March 21, World Forest Day, Bandu organized a conservation rally in which 22 students of Zilla Parishad Primary School, Sitarampeth participated. On the same day, Bandu organised a drawing competition at Kondegaon in which 18 students of the village’s Zilla Parishad Primary School participated.

Environment Education

During March, Bandu made 7 classroom visits to speak to students of village schools on various aspects of nature and wildlife conservation.

Employment Cell

One youth got a job as a gypsy driver thanks to our assistance.