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Activity Update March 2016: Satpura Tiger Reserve


Baridevi - Candidates learn how to make furniture from lantana

Baridevi - S. K. Jain, Director of R-SETI, Hoshangabad,
inspects the lantana product training programme

Karer - Villager gets free treatment at our medical camp

 Volunteers clean water body in jungle in programme organised by us
Pisuwa - Volunteers build check dam on a nallah in
a programme organised by us

The completed check dam

Pisuwa: Volunteers dig a soak pit in a water conservation
programme organised by us


Team: Ashfaq Aarbi – Conservation Officer
            Hameed Khan – Field assistant               

·      4 water conservation voluntary work projects during the month – built 2 check dams, cleaned 2 water bodies
·      12 awareness programmes on vermi-compost
·      Arranged livelihood skill-development at Baridevi
·      Medical camps in 5 villages – 66  patients treated
·      Visit to check on status of  6 villages which have already been relocated
·      Awareness programme on National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) schemes
·      Celebration of World Forestry Day at Jhirpa


During March, we organized 4 programmes related to water conservation.

On March 11, we organized a programme to clean a water body in the jungle around 2 km from Maili village. It was covered with leaves and organic litter and animals were finding it difficult to drink. Our team, consisting of field assistant Hameed Khan and 30 children from Government Primary School; Maili cleared the litter and made the water body accessible to the animals again. Spotted deer are regularly spotted around this water body while there are occasional sightings of sloth bears and leopards.  

On March 12, we organized a programme to build a check dam on a stream around 3 km from Pisuwa village. The site is known as Pisuwa nallah. A team comprising of 28 students of Government Primary & Middle School, Pisuwa, one teacher, five farmers and Hameed built the dam. The resultant water body will benefit domestic livestock in the day and wildlife at night. Spotted deer, monkeys and leopards are regularly spotted in the area.   

A similar programme was organized at a different spot near Pisuwa on March 13.

On March 15, we organized a programme to dig a soak pit at the Government Primary School (GPS) Pisuwa. 12 villagers joined hands with Hameed in digging the pit, which will take spillover water from a hand pump on the school premises. The pit will help to recharge the water table around the hand pump.
World Forestry Day

On March 21, we organized a function to celebrate the World Forestry Day at Jhirpa. This programme was attended by by Shri Divedi, Principal, Govt. Higher Secondary School, Jhirpa, and Mr. Jain (Nodal Officer) Central Bank of India, President and members of Eco Development Committee and Gram Panchayat, Jhirpa, members.

Employment Cell -Training programme

Rural Self-Employment Training Institute (RSETI), Hoshangabad organized a programme to train villagers to make products from lantana such as furniture and fancy items.

Mr. Abhijeet Agrawal, CEO Zilla Panchayat, Hoshangabad invited us to send 30 candidates from relocated villages in our area of operations to be trained as carpenters. We identified 21 female and 9 male villagers from Mongra, Anjandana and Matkuli and sent them for the 15-day programme, which started on March 14.

The entire cost of the programme is being borne by Zilla Panchayat, Hoshangabad under NRLM scheme.

Mobile Health Service (MHS)

Satpuda Foundation organizes medical camps at which villagers get free treatment and medicines. These camps, whose schedule is set in conjunction with the management of the Tiger Reserve, are run by the Mobile Health Service (MHS) of Satpuda Foundation.

There were health camps in 5 villages in March.

                                                       Relocated villages

Ashfaq and Hameed khan visited the relocated villages of Sonpur, Raikheda, Mongra, Jamandhonga, Parraspani, Anjandana, Dhargaon, Nankot, Kukra and Nandner during March to follow up on the status of the relocated villagers.
Shri A.K. Nagar, Field Director and A.K. Mishra, Dep. Director, Satpura Tiger Reserve (STR) and Abhijeet Agrawal (CEO, Zilla Panchayat Hoshangabad) have asked Satpuda Foundation to focus on youths from relocated villages in our livelihood activities. STR management will approach the concerned government agencies to implement livelihood training programmes under the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM).    

BCRLIP villages

Shri A.K. Mishra, Dep. Director, STR has asked Satpuda Foundation to focus on Almod, Barud and Kukarpani villages in our livelihood activities. STR management will approach the concerned government agencies to implement livelihood training programmes under the Bio-diversity Conservation and Rural Livelihood Improvement Project (BCRLIP).

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