Tuesday, January 29, 2013

December 2012 Activity Report: Pench Maharashtra

Team: Anoop Awasthi – Conservation Officer
            Bandu Uikey, Dilip Lanjewar – Field assistants


·      Two water conservation voluntary work projects – one to clean water body  and construct stop dam at Chichwan Nala at Ghatpendari and one stop dam  at Khapa
·      Field assistant Bandu Uikey joined Forest Department staff on anti-poaching patrols four times
·      Two nature trails for the students of Sawara, Kolitmara villages
·      6 medical camps – 286 patients treated
·      Environment education programme in 10 villages -- covered 347 students
·      Environment film show programme in 7 villages covered 379 people
·      Tribal dance group of Sawara earned Rs. 11,000  in 2 Nagpur based dance programmes and Rs. 8,000  in 4 Turia-based programmes


During December, we conducted two voluntary work projects to promote water conservation.
On December 6, field assistant Dilip Lanjewar led a team of 12 villagers of Khapa village in a programme to build a stop dam on a stream adjoining the village. The water body created by the stop dam will help recharge the water table in the area where there are many fields. It will also benefit domestic as well as wild animals.

Check dam being built at Khapa

Check dam after completion

On December 25, field assistant Bandu Uikey led 6 youths of Ghatpendari village in a programme to clean a water body and repair a stop dam at Chichwan nala. Leaves and other organic matter had accumulated in the area and scum covered the water. The team cleaned the water body. They also repaired an adjoining check dam. This water body is around 4 kms from Ghatpendari village and lies in the core area. It is used by wild animals. Spotted deer and sambhar are regular seen around the water body.

Sand-filled bags being used to repair the check dam at Ghatpendari

Cleaning a water body at Ghatpendari

On December 9, Bandu joined local staff of the Forest Department in an anti-poaching patrol. Members of the eco-development committee (EDC) of Ghatpendari and Bandu took part in the patrol in the jungle near Ghatpendari. Bandu also participated in anti-poaching patrols on December 30 and 31 at Ghatpendari and at Ghatkukda on December 16.

Jamunia-Tuiyapaar - Range Forest Officer M B Pokale 
and Giri Venkatesan with villagers at meeting on eco-development committee

Usripar - villagers meet to decide on forming Eco-Development Committee

Usripar - Range Forest Officer Donde and SF Executive Director
Giri Venkatesan at a meeting on Eco Development Committee

As part of our community assistance activities, we arranged for a visit by members of EDCs from 4 ranges – East Pench, West Pench, Chorbahulli and Salaighat – to villages in our area of operations to explore the possibility of livelihood from lantana.

On December 11, Anoop Awasthi, Range Forest Officer (RFO) Chorbahulli, Shri M B Pokale, Shri Deshpande (RFO, Salaighat), and other local officials of the Forest Department along with around 20 villagers visited Sawara to see products made from lantana. Villagers in Sawara learned the craft of making products from lantana through programmes organized by us.

Sawara - visiting villagers see products made of lantana

After this programme, we also organized a visit by this team to Usaripar village where some villagers have shifted to growing lemon grass and citronella in their fields where earlier they used to grow rice and wheat. Lemon grass and citronella are bitter grasses which wild animals do not eat and they are used to make soaps, perfumes and other cosmetics. Thus, besides providing lucrative returns, these grasses are also safe from wildlife depredation.   

Usripar - visiting villagers in a field where citronella and lemongrass
are grown

Usripar - visiting villagers at a plant where oil is extracted from the locally
grown lemongrass and citronella

On December 12, Dilip led 20 children from Sawara village on a nature trail in the jungle adjoining the village. On the trail, Dilip spoke to the children about the importance of trees and wild life in our eco system. A similar nature trail was organized for 20 children of Kolitmara on December 23 by Bandu Uikey.

Sawara - Dilip Lanjewar speaks about nature conservation during
a nature trail

Kolitmara - Bandu Uikey guides village children on a nature trail


In December, our team conducted environment education programmes in 12 schools in our area of operations.


Kadbikheda - Dilip Lanjewar conducts an environmental education programme

Ghoti - students prepare the soil for setting up a nursery

Ghoti - Dilip Lanjewar supervises setting up of a nursery on the
school premises

Employment Cell

During the month of December, a tribal dance group from Sawara village earned Rs 19,000 through their performances. The group, which was formed under our guidance, earned Rs. 8,000 through 4 performances at resorts. We had spoken to the managers of the tourist resorts to organise the dance programmes. The group also earned Rs.11,000 by performing at Nagpur for Ministers of the State Government, who were in the city for the Assembly session.

Tiger Woods Resort - tribal dance group performing for tourists

The tribal dance group performs at Jungle Home Resort

Education van programme

There were 7 film shows on nature and wildlife conservation in December.

Mobile Health Unit (MHU)

Our team assisted Nature Conservation Society, Amravati in conducting 6 medical camps in December.       


Kadbikheda - the doctor examines a child at our free medical camp
Usripar - free medical camp

Usripar - an elderly patient gets free medical treatment at our MHU