Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Activity Update March 2013: Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve

Bandu Kumare – Field assistant


  • Awareness programmes on forest fires in 2 villages
  • Follow-up to plantation done during the monsoon in 4 villages
  • Anti-plastic programmes in 3 villages
  • 2 nature trails for village children
  • One voluntary work project to repair hand pump
  • Environment education lectures in 10 schools – attended by 378 students
  • 10 film shows on nature and wildlife – attended by 429 people
  • One unemployed youth placed in job locally
  • Medical camps in 6 villages  - 365 patients treated
  • Two visits to Bhagwanpur to follow up status of relocated villagers


Cattle shed built at Bhagwanpur

With the onset of summer, forest fires are a major hazard across our landscape and our teams start sensitizing villagers about the harmful effects of fires and the need for a combined effort to fight fires. Villagers sometimes start fires deliberately to clean the growth from the forest floor. Once the bush has been burnt, it becomes easier for them to spot and pick Mahua flowers which fall to the ground during this season. Villagers collect the Mahua flowers, dry them and sell them to local traders. This is a seasonal activity, which normally lasts a month or so. These local fires sometimes escalate into large scale forest fires and cause severe damage. It is, therefore, necessary to make villagers aware about the dangers of forest fires and explain to them the need to join hands in fighting this menace.

In March, Bandu conducted two awareness programmes on forest fires at Adegaon (March 5) and Sitarampeth (March 15).

Adegaon - awareness programme on forest fires

During the month, Bandu also 4 organized programmes to follow-up on plantation done during the monsoon months. Last year, during the monsoon, we had arranged for planting of saplings in different villages. Now, we are following up to ensure that the saplings get enough water as well as protection from grazing livestock. Details are given in the table above.

On March 15, Bandu organized an anti-plastic programme at Chorgaon in which school students cleaned up the main village road of plastic litter and waste. They then cleaned up the school premises. The litter/waste was then buried in pits. 2 more anti-plastic programmes were organized during the month at Kondegaon (Mar 25) and Junona (Mar 26).

Kondegaon - litter clean-up and anti-plastic drive

During March, Bandu organized 2 nature trails for school students of Dewada (Mar 5) and Katwal (Mar 25). On the trails, Bandu helped the children identify various birds and plants and spoke to them about nature and wildlife conservation.

As part our community assistance effort, Bandu organized a programme on March 12 at Dewada to repair a hand pump which had fallen into disrepair. Seven men from the village joined Bandu in repairing the hand pump, which is used to draw drinking water.

Dewada - Bandu and the team repair the hand pump


In March, our environment education programme covered 10 schools.

Bandu also organized a drawing competition for students of two schools – Moharli and Bamdeli – to celebrate World Forestry Day on March 21.

Sitarampeth - Bandu speaks to children about nature and wildlife

Moharli - children participate in drawing contest on World Forestry Day

Sitarampeth - children on a nature trail

Employment Cell

One unemployed youth got a job in March with our help.

Moharli - Raju Chowke got a job as a gypsy driver through us

Education Van

There were 10 film shows on nature and wildlife in March.

Kutwanda - film show on nature and wildlife conservation


There were health camps in 6 villages in March.

Piparheti - villagers get free treatment at our medical camp