Friday, June 11, 2010

Tiger meets gaur: face-off in Tadoba

An encounter between Tadoba's two mightiest beasts turns out to be a lesson in sensible and civilized behaviour!

June 1, 2010: temperatures had nearly reached scorching point at 48 degrees C. A large male tiger had taken to regularly soaking in this waterhole. On one visit he found a huge male Gaur had got there first. The tiger's dilemma was fun to watch. Even the king of the jungle does not lightly take on the world's largest bovine. We could see the debate raging in his brain: should he go to the water or not? At first the gaur's lowered head and loud snort were a deterrent (the snort made me jump too). But not for long. The cat made two attempts to go to the waterhole but changed his mind halfway. The third time he decided to take the plunge.

Gawking from a respectful distance were SF volunteer Bipasha, Aarti Phatarphekar and me and a few other privileged people. Needless to say we were all amazed by our wonderful luck!


bindi said...

beautiful.u got it all.

snehakoilada said...

Wow! This is really awesome!

Anonymous said...



Priya Gundanna said...

Lucky you guys for getting to watch this first hand! The thrill and the goosebumps you get watching these majestic animals can only be experienced but not described.

Another reason why we should strive hard to protect them.