Monday, November 15, 2010

Pench and Melghat, October 2010

Pictures from my trip to Pench MP and Melghat last month, with friends.

Pench, Madhya Pradesh:

Above: Friends clicking chital and langur

Above: I always find Pench langurs the most amusing - not scared of humans at all, sometimes sleeping on the rocks like drunks who've passed out after a binge!

Above: An unusual congregation of birds on the top branches of a tree. On the left, a Black-hooded Oriole, two Large Cuckoo-shrikes, White-bellied Drongo. On the right a Yellow-footed Green Pigeon. Not in this frame but climbing up the trunk was a Black-rumped Flameback.
They all flew away after a few minutes, because a female Shikra landed on the tree.

Above: Crested Serpent Eagle in a teak tree

Above: Beautiful Pench river, full of water after a heavy monsoon. Last time I saw it was in summer. Most of the rocky river bed was exposed then.

Melghat Tiger Reserve:

Above: Vishal Bansod, Conservation Officer, NCSA, showing the Community Resource Centre's medicinal herbs garden to a visitor. The CRC is a model of restoration of once-barren land. It now has a self-sustaining organic farm. There is also a campsite where nature orientation programmes are conducted for school children, and training programmes are held periodically for wildlife enthusiasts and conservationists.

Above: Rose-ringed Parakeets sitting on a haystack, in a village somewhere in central Melghat.
There are many villages around the reserve, and the forest has many such bare and disturbed patches because of agricultural fields and human habitation.

Above: Lizard. I don't know what species.

Above: One of two young bears we saw scrambling up a river bank.

Above, below: The beautiful forest - hilly terrain, dense jungle

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