Sunday, December 5, 2010

Art for tigers: Lili Menon's show in support of Satpuda Foundation

23 November 2010: Another city-dweller helps the tiger, in her own unique way.

These are photos from the preview of "Rewind," Lili Menon's art show in partnership with us. (Click here for an earlier post announcing the exhibition.)

Above: Lili Menon
Below: Lili and Kishor Rithe, President, Satpuda Foundation

Lili has always loved forests and this was her way of helping the wildlife conservation cause. Apart from donating all the proceeds of sales to Satpuda Foundation, she used the occasion to create awareness about our work, displayed our poster and literature at the gallery and also asked Bombay International School to let us conduct an education programme with some of their students during the exhibition week.

The show was a huge success, with 16 out of 17 paintings sold!

Even after the show, Lili hasn't stopped crusading for the tiger. She is using every opportunity she gets to put out the message that tigers need help. For instance, last week she asked for "save tigers" to be included among the themes at a T-shirt painting contest she was judging. And she asked the college for permission for us to give a short talk to the participants.

All of which shows you don't have to run off to the jungles to save tigers. You can do it right here in the city, using your own unique strengths.

Thanks Lili, on behalf of all the tigers of the Satpudas!

Story in the TOI Nagpur

Photos: Courtesy Lili Menon

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