Monday, July 9, 2012

June 2012 Activity Update: Kanha

Team:  Amit Awasthi – Conservation Officer
            Sampatlal Dhurve – Field assistant


  • 2 nature trails
  • 2 anti-plastic programmes
  • 2 compost pits prepared
  • 8 wells cleaned
  • 1 shramdaan (voluntary work project) to clean area next to hand pump
  • 5 awareness programmes on organic farming and better farming techniques
  • 3 unemployed youths assisted in getting jobs locally
  • Two exposure visits to help women’s SHGs understand how to function better


In June, our team also organized 2 nature trails during the month, leading children on walks in the jungle. On these walks, our team explained to children the need for conservation of nature and wildlife and helped them to identify the local flora and fauna.

During the month, our team organized students of 2 village schools to participate in anti-plastic programmes. Our team first explained the harmful effects of plastic/polythene on the environment and then led the children in programmes through their respective villages. Plastic litter was collected and buried in pits. Details of the villages and dates are given in the table above. 

Our team also organized the preparation of two compost pits during the month. On June 25, a pit was prepared in the backyard of the residence of Mahasingh Markam at Kutwahi and on June 30, another pit was prepared at the residence of Patiram Dhurve, of Chapri. 

On June 22, Amit and Sampath organized a programme at Chapri to clean the area next to a hand pump at Forest Chowki. The area surrounding the hand pump had become waterlogged and become clogged with waste and debris. 6 villagers joined Amit and Sampath in the programme. 

Ahead of the monsoon, our team also organized the cleaning of wells used to draw drinking water to reduce the danger of water-borne diseases. We conducted 8 programmes during the month to clean wells. 

During the month, Amit also organized programmes in 5 villages to promote organic farming and to expose villagers to new and improved farming techniques. Details of the programmes are in the table above.

Employment Cell
Three youths got jobs in June with our assistance.

During the month, Amit led women’s Self Help Groups (SHGs) from our area of operations on exposure visits to other areas to show them how other successful SHGs operate. They were also taken to a police station to help reduce their fear of officialdom and understand how the police function.

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