Sunday, June 29, 2014

Activity Update May 2014: Pench Madhya Pradesh

Team: Saket Agasti – Assistant Conservation Officer
            Niranjan Hinge, Bandu Uikey – Field Assistants

  • One programme to clean well near Turia village
  • One programme to clean waterhole near Aamajhari  village
  • Six nature trails for school children of Turia, Satosha, Ambadi, Amajhari
  • Organized two nature games for students of Turia and Satosha
  • Organized 14 medical camps at which 212 patients were treated


On May 17, our field assistant Niranjan Hinge lead a team of 7 children from Amajhari village in a programme to clean a water body. This water body, which is around 200 metres from the village, is used by villagers for washing clothes and the same water is used for drinking by domestic animals in the day and by wild animals at night. Due to the repeated use by villagers a lot of plastic/polythene litter had accumulated in it. Our team cleaned the water body of this litter, reducing the risk of animals ingesting plastic/polythene. Spotted deer and wild boars are often sighted around the water body while jackals are seen more occasionally. Photos below.

On May 29, Niranjan assisted 5 villagers from Turia in a programme to clean a well. This well is situated in the centre of village. Use of this well had stopped due to garbage being dumped into the well and due to wild growth on the walls of the well. After our programme, villagers have now started to use the well again to draw drinking water. The villagers have promised to maintain the well in future.

Cleaning the well in Turia

In May, Niranjan took children from Turia, Satosha, Ambadi and Amajhari on nature trails on six different occasions. On the trail, he spoke to them about the local birds and wildlife in the area. He taught them techniques used to identify birds through their calls. He also identified various trees and explained their role in the ecosystem.

Nature trail near Satosha

Children from Turia and Kohoka on a birdwatching trail

In May, the Foundation provided water pots to villagers to hang them in their back yards for birds. These villagers will maintain the pots and ensure that water is available in the pots at all times.

Turia - hanging up water pot for birds

Environmental Education Programme

In May, there were no classroom programmes as schools were shut for annual summer vacation.

Nature game at Satosha

IT Education Programme

Satpuda Foundation has been running a programme to introduce computers to children living in the remote villages adjoining Pench Tiger Reserve. This programme is being implemented in Teliya and Turia, with computers provided by us.

Education Van Programme

There were no film shows on nature and wild life conservation during May as schools were shut for the annual summer vacation.

Mobile Health Unit (MHU)

We held 12 medical camps in May in which 212 patients were treated.

Satosha medical camp - our doctor goes through the case history
of a patient

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