Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Activity Update October 2014: Satpura Tiger Reserve

·      3 water conservation voluntary work projects during the month to build 3 check dams
·      6 awareness programmes on vermi-compost/bio-gas
·      Classroom visits to 14 schools as part of our environment education program – attended by 764 students.
·      Visit to check on status of relocated villages
·      Village Meeting for Relocation work
·      Organized the Biodiversity workshop and Rally at Pachmarhi
·      Celebration of Wild life week.


During October, we organized 3 voluntary work projects related to water conservation.  

On October 21, we organized programmes to build 2 check dams on a stream around 3 km from Matkuli. The two dams, one km away from each other, lie on the same stream in the jungle. 28 children from Government Middle School (GMS), Matkuli, joined hands with Ashfaq and Hameed Khan to build the dam. The resultant water body will benefit domestic livestock in the day time and wildlife at night. Spotted deer and sloth bears are regularly spotted in the area.

Site of check dam at Matkuli

Filling bags to construct the dam

The completed dam

On October 30, we organized a programme to build a check dam on a stream around 3.5 km from Bindakheda village. 15 children from Government Primary School (GPS) Bindakheda joined hands with Ashfaq and Hameed Khan to build the dam. The resultant water body will benefit domestic livestock in the day time and wildlife at night. Spotted deer are regularly spotted in the area. 
Photos below.

As part of our efforts to reduce villagers’ dependence on forests for firewood, we organize programmes to promote the use of bio-gas. We also encourage villagers to use vermi-compost to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers in areas adjoining wildlife habitats. As part of this strategy, we organized 6 programmes in October to promote the use of vermi-compost and bio-gas. The details are given in the table below.


During the month, our team made classroom visits to 14 schools to educate children about nature and wildlife conservation.

Environment education class at Pisuwa, Government Middle School

Biodiversity workshop/Rally

On October 28, Satpuda Foundation and Madhya Pradesh (MP) Biodiversity Board jointly organized a workshop and rally at Pachmarhi to promote awareness about the local biodiversity and need for conservation. MP Biodiversity Board funded the programme which was organized by us. We invited 16 schools to participate, including 11 from our area of operations. We also organized a workshop to discuss how local stakeholders can participate in conservation of biodiversity. The workshop was attended by teachers from the 16 schools, local businessmen and officials of the Forest Department and MP Biodiversity Board. Dr. S.P. Rayal, APCCF & Member, Secretary MP Biodiversity Board, Bhopal attended the programme.

Abhilash Dubey of the MP Biodiversity Board, 
addressing students at the workshop

Students learning about biodiversity before the rally

Students on rally, Pachmarhi

Employment Cell

During the month, our team arranged meetings in 3 villages to promote awareness about alternative livelihood options. The local administration has banned the use of polythene in Pachmarhi. We have been organizing villagers to take advantage of this opportunity by making reusable bags which can be supplied to shops/businesses in Pachmarhi. In October, we submitted a proposal to MP Bio-Diversity Board through the Matkuli Bio-Diversity Management Committee for supply of 2 sewing machines to make the bags and one machine to print logos/designs/photos on the bags.

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