Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Activity Update August 2015: Pench Maharashtra

Team: Anoop Awasthi - Assistant Director
            Bandu Uikey, Dilip Lanjewar – Field Assistants


·      Two voluntary work programmes to construct soak pits at Wagholi and Salai
·      Six  nature trails held for students  of  village schools
·      Bandu and Dilip joined Forest Department staff on anti-poaching patrols 3 times and 2 times     respectively
·      Organized village meetings at Ghatpendari, Shiladevi, Dhawlapur, Wagholi, Khudsapar, Ghoti to discuss village development through Village Eco Development Committee (VEDC)
·      Organized environment education programmes in 20 schools which were attended by 732  students
·      Organized 6 medical camps at which 159  patients were treated


On August 22, Bandu with the help of village youths, Forest Department staff and students of Salai school prepared a soak pit to collect spill-over water from the hand pump on the school campus. He explained the purpose of the soak pit to the participants. Photo below.

On August 29, Dilip with the help of village youths and students of Wagholi school prepared a soak pit to collect spill-over water from the hand pump on the school campus. He explained the purpose of the soak pit to the participants. Photos below.

Site of the soak pit

Dilip joined VEDC members and Forest Department staff on patrols on August 9 and 14 at Khapa and Wagholi villages. The team patrolled the borders of the villages for illegal activities. Bandu joined similar patrols on August 1, 9, 23 in Ghatpendari, Ghorad beat, and Kolitmara. No illegal activity was detected on these patrols.

Community patrol near Khapa

Above, below: community patrol near Kolitmara

Bandu showing a pug mark to members of the STPF
(Special Tiger Protection Force)

In August, Bandu and Dilip conducted 6 nature trails for students of Khapa, Fulzari, Sillari, Pipariya, Mehkepar and Kolitmara. On the trails, Bandu and Dilip spoke to the students about birds, trees and forests. The impact of degradation of natural resources was explained to the students.
Photos below: Nature trail in Kolitmara; Bandu explains the role of insects in the ecosystem

Wagholi children playing a nature game

Ghatpendari: Bandu leads a conservation rally on Independence Day

We organized several meetings in August of villagers, VEDC members and unemployed youths to discuss conservation and employment issues in the area.

Bandu and RFO Bhongare explain different schemes during
the EcoDevelopment Committee meeting at Dhawlapur

Bandu talks to villagers at Ghatpendari about development issues

Ghatpendari villagers discuss development issues

Gram Sabha members gathered for the meeting at Kolitmara: Anoop
and the Round Officer addressing them

Environmental Education Programmes

Nature education class at Dahoda village

Education programme at Ghoti

Education programme at Suwardhara

Education programme at Wagholi

Education Van Programme

Dilip briefing students before wildlife film screening at Wagholi

Mobile Health Unit (MHU)

There were 6 medical camps held in July in which 159  patients were treated.

Dr Zanzad at our free health camp at Makardhokda

Our ambulance at Saleghat village

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