Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Activity Update January 2016: Pench Maharashtra

Team: Anoop Awasthi - Assistant Director
            Bandu Uikey, Dilip Lanjewar – Field Assistants

·      One voluntary work project to dig soak  pit at  Ghoti
·      One voluntary work project to dig compost  pit at  Ghatpendari
·      One voluntary work project to clean area next to hand pump at Salai
·      Organized demo on smokeless chullah in Khudsapar and Kamthi
·      Three nature trails held for students  of Ghoti, Ghatpendari and Pipariya
·      Bandu and Dilip joined Forest Department staff on anti-poaching patrols twice each
·      Organized village meetings at  Fulzari, Salai, Kolitmara, Ghatpendari, Ghoti and Usaripar to discuss village development through Village Eco Development Committee (VEDC)
·      Organized environment education programmes in 17 schools -- 409 students attended these programmes.
·      Organized 6 medical camps at which 85 patients were treated
·      Assisted one unemployed youth in getting job locally


On January 29, Dilip led 12 villagers from Ghoti in a programme to dig a soak pit which will take the spill-over water from a hand pump. Dilip explained the benefits of the soak pit and the need for water conservation to the participants. Photo below.

On January 29, Bandu led a team of 10 youths and students of Ghatpendari village in a programme to dig a compost pit. Bandu explained the purpose of the compost pit to the participants. We’ve dug this compost pit so that villagers can dump organic leftovers from households and livestock into it. Over time, this will convert to organic fertilizer which can be used in agriculture, thus reducing the use of chemical based fertilizers. Photo below.

On January 25, Bandu led a team of 4 youths of Salai in a voluntary work project programme to clean the area next to a hand pump in the village.

On January 5, Dilip organized a demonstration of a 'smokeless chullah' to villagers of Khudsapar. A similar programme was organized on January 12 in Kamthi village. Smokeless chullah is a stove which uses less firewood than conventional stoves and emits less smoke. Photos below.

Dilip joined VEDC members and Forest Department staff on patrols on January 16 and 18 at Wagholi and Khapa villages. The team patrolled the borders of the villages for illegal activities. Bandu joined similar patrols on January 3 and 24 in Ghatpendari, Ghorad beat. No illegal activity was detected on
these patrols.
In January, Bandu and Dilip took students of Ghatpendari, Pipariya and Ghoti on a total of 3 nature trails for students. On the trails, Bandu and Dilip spoke to the students about birds, trees and forests. The impact of degradation of natural resources was explained to the students. Photos below.

Environmental Education Programmes

IT education

Employment Cell

Mobile Health Unit (MHU)

6 medical camps held in January in which 85 patients were treated.

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