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Activity Update November 2016: Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve


Bhamdeli - Our awareness programme on livelihood options for villagers 

Chorgaon - Dr. Amol Dawange examines a patient at our free medical camp

Katwal - Our awareness programme on livelihood options for villagers

Katwal - Village youths on patrol
in the forest adjoining their village

Katwal - Village youths patrol the jungle

Mudholi - driving training programme 

Field Staff

Conservation Officer – Prameek Kannan


·      5 anti-poaching patrols in buffer area, with 56 local youths from the villages of Mudholi and Katwal
·      8 education programmes in 5 villages – Katwal, Kondegaon, Bhamdeli, Khutwanda, Dewada, with 237 students; 2 drawing competitions, 1 classroom lecture and 5 nature documentary sessions
·      Mobile Health Unit treated 453 patients in 6 villages – Adegaon, Dewada, Junona, UdiyaTola, Dewada, Chorgaon.
·      5 self-employment training awareness programmes with Bank of India in 5 villages – Mudholi, Khutwanda, Katwal, Bhamdeli, Kondegaon, with 142 participants.
·      4-wheeler driver’s training programme commences, with lessons being given to 40 candidates


Between the 8th and 14th of November, 5 forest patrols were conducted with 56 local youths, in the jungle adjoining the villages of Katwal and Mudholi. We identified several water holes which livestock and wildlife use, which are useful in assessing potential conflict, as well as wildlife presence. Tracks and scat of wild boar, chital, and Nilgai were seen in these areas; in addition, the locals said that striped hyenas (on occasion) use the areas around Mudholi and Katwal. Pugmarks of jackal and tiger were also seen.

A tigress was spotted twice over this period by a cattle herder in Katwal, reported the youths, both times while he was grazing his cattle.  The herder moved his cattle out of the area, and there was no incident.


Education Van


There were six camps in November.

Employment Cell

Awareness programmes on alternative livelihood options were held in the villages of Mudholi, Khutwanda, Katwal, Bhamdeli and Kondegaon between the 8th and the 18th of November. These were held with Bank of India’s Rural Self-Employment Training Institute (RSETI). Training sessions for organic farming, cattle, goat and chicken rearing will begin next month for candidates who have signed up for these in the awareness sessions.

Our 4-wheeler driver’s training programme began on the 22nd of November, 2016, and is currently going on, 40 candidates are being trained.

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