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Activity Update February 2017: Pench Madhya Pradesh


Turiya - Village children learn to spot and identify birds on a nature trail

Turiya - Volunteers dig compost pit for organic farming


Team: Mandar Pingle – Conservation Officer
Bandu Uikey – Conservation Officer
            Niranjan Hinge, Kamlesh Pawar– Field Assistants

·      Prepared one compost tank each in Turiya and Pulpuldoh villages through voluntary work programme
·      Organised one anti-plastic campaign and awareness rally in Sawari village, 35 school students volunteered
·      558 students attended classroom lectures on environment awareness in 18 schools of buffer area of Pench Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh
·      48 students took part in 5 nature trails near villages of buffer area
·      Repaired one inoperative biogas unit in Turiya village
·      Assisted one youth in getting a job
·      Celebrated World Wetland Day 2017 in villages of buffer area  


On February 26, Niranjan along with 6 villagers prepared a pit for compost in Turiya village. Niranjan had explained the importance of organic farming to a farmer from the village earlier and, as a result, the farmer wanted to practice organic farming on a trial basis. Niranjan assisted the farmer, along with 5 others from the village, in digging a pit for the compost tank. Similarly Kamlesh and 12 villagers from Pulpuldoh village prepared a compost tank in their village through a voluntary work programme on February 12.

On February 10, Kamlesh organised an anti-plastic campaign and awareness rally in Sawari village. 35 students of the Government School of the village volunteered for the program. They collected wrappers, bags and other plastic litter which causes harm to the fertile land and animals. Participants went across all the main roads within the village, chanting slogans like ‘’Apna farz nibhayenge, Tiger ko bachayenge’’, “Apna gaon swach rakhenge, plastic ko mitayenge”. During the rally, the students raised slogans to make villagers aware about the harm caused by plastic litter and urged them to keep the village clean to ensure good health of all villagers. Niranjan organized a similar rally in Satosha village on February 28 in which 33 students participated.

In February, we organised a total of 5 nature trails for a total of 48 children of Turiya, Satosha, Thuyepani, Doodhgaon and Pulpuldoh villages. On the trails, our staff spoke to the children about the various local plants and common medicinal uses of those plants. They were also taught how to spot and identify birds. The importance of birds in nature was also explained to the children.

On February 23, Niranjan Hinge repaired an inoperative biogas unit in Turiya village. The owner of the unit had approached Niranjan for assistance. Niranjan, along with 3 other villagers, repaired the unit. Use of biogas has reduced the dependency on fire wood from the forest considerably and is a cheaper option than cooking gas.

Environment education

Kamlesh Pawar and Niranjan Hinge organised classroom lecture sessions to teach students about various environmental issues faced by us today. During these classroom sessions, they informed students about climate change, global warming, various forms of pollution along with ways to protect environment by adopting eco-friendly lifestyle.

On February 23, Kamlesh organised a meeting in Government Middle school, Thuyepani village to inform villagers about the ‘Mil Bache’ program being implemented by Madhya Pradesh state government. The program emphasizes the importance of reading and setting up libraries in each and every village. 150 villagers, including 55 students of the school, were present for the meeting. Kamlesh provided information about the scheme and asked villagers to ensure that the kids from the village develop the habit of reading.

Employment Cell

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