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Activity Update July 2017: Pench Maharashtra


Children from Ghoti on a nature trail with our Field Assistant
Dilip Lanjewar

Clearing wild growth from the hand pump area, Ghoti

Dr Zanzal at our free health camp at Kadbikheda


Team: Mandar Pingle – Conservation Officer
            Bandu Uikey, Dilip Lanjewar – Field Assistants

·      Area near one hand pump cleaned in Ghoti - 10 villagers volunteered
·      Soak pit prepared in Siladevi village - 5 villagers participate
·      Celebrated World Nature Conservation Day in Ghoti
·      Celebrated  Global Tiger Day at Ghoti and Ghatpendhari
·      Two nature trails held for students  of  Ghoti and Sillari
·      Dilip joined Forest Department staff on anti-poaching patrol once
·      Organised class room lectures in 10  schools - attended by 281students
·      Organised 5 film shows – attended by 254 students


On July 20, Dilip organised a voluntary work project at Ghoti to clean the area around a hand pump in the village. 10 villagers participated in the programme. During the monsoon, grass and weeds had grown near the hand pump and mud and filth had accumulated as well. Due to the rains, the impurities were mixing with the water inside the pipeline making the water unfit to drink. The road had also become slippery, making it dangerous for villagers. The soak pit near the hand pump had become unclean due to silting caused by heavy rains. This could have made people ill as the hand pump is used for filling potable water.

On July 25, Balkrishna Bagmare organised a voluntary work project programme in Siladevi village along with 5 villagers. The spill over water from the hand pump was accumulating nearby. Mud and other impurities were mixing with the water as well. Mosquitoes and flies could be seen breeding in the filth which was a serious health concern for the villagers. So to clean the area near the hand pump and to prevent water wastage, Balkrishna and the villagers prepared a soak pit near the hand pump. Now the area is clean and the excess runoff water is collected by the soak pit, replenishing the ground water level.

Dilip joined village eco-development committee (VEDC) members and Forest Department staff on patrol on July 21 in the forest near Khapa village. The team of 6 villagers led by Dilip patrolled the borders of the villages, on the look-out for signs of any illegal activities like logging or poaching. No such activity was detected during the patrol.

On July 16, Dilip took 12 children of Sillari on a nature trail. During the nature trail, Dilip taught the children about various tree species and changes in forests after the summer season. Dilip also assisted the children in spotting various bird species like drongo, crested serpent eagle, jungle owlet etc. He also taught children the ethics of nature trail and safety precautions to be followed inside a forest area.

Dilip organised a similar nature trail for 14 children of Ghoti village on July 20.

On July 4, Dilip Lanjewar organised a plantation programme in Zilla Parishad Primary school of Kirangi Sarra village. 28 students of the school along with their teachers planted one sapling each. The saplings were of local species of trees like neem, amla, mango, sitaphal etc.

Dilip and the teachers assigned the responsibility of ensuring survival of the plants to the students.
Dilip arranged a similar program along with 45 students of Jai Seva Adivasi Residential School in Dahoda village.

Balkrishna Bagmare arranged plantation programme along with villagers of Chargaon along the road leading to Kunwara Bhivsen. The villagers dug pits and planted saplings of local flowering and fruit trees along the road. The villagers have also decided to ensure survival of the planted saplings.

Environmental Education

Education Van Programme

7 film shows were conducted in July 2017. 

Mobile Health Service (MHS)

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