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Activity Update November 2017: Pench Maharashtra

Volunteers clean and de-silt a waterhole in the jungle

Our Field Assistant Dilip conducts a nature education class at Sawara

Nature education class at Shiladevi with our Field Assistant
Balkrishna Bagmare

Chargaon - cleanliness drive organised by our Field Assistant
Balkrishna Bagmare

Nature trail in Ghoti: our Field Assistant teaches students about local plants

Ghoti - nature education class

Discussing poultry farming as a livelihood option with the Self Help Group

Village EcoDevelopment Committee members joint our staff
on a forest patrol, Khapa

Dilip and RFO Mr Sathawane discuss drivers training
with young residents of Khudsapar village

Balkrishna Bagmare conducts nature education class in Narhar school

Our IT education classes at Sawara school, conducted by local girl
Ms Sita Uikey

IT education class by Ms Sita Uikey, Sawara
Our free health camp at Usripar
Posters put up to spread awareness that electrocution of wildlife is a crime.
Created with the support of the Forest Department.


Team: Abhijit Dutta – Assistant Director (Conservation)
Bandu Uikey – Conservation Officer
            Dilip Lanjewar, Balkrishna Bagmare – Field assistants


  • Community patrols at Wagholi & Khapa
  • Waterhole de-silting and cleaning at Tuyepar
  • Cleanliness drive at Chargaon where village drainage system was cleaned
  • Two nature trails with 28 participants
  • Twelve education programmes in schools - 334 students participated
  • Two youths from Usripar joined hospitality training course with our help
  • Two youths from Ghatpendari placed in jobs locally
  • Meetings with communities regarding Fulzari village relocation, Driver training program, Lantana training, SHG poultry farming, Mushroom cultivation - 66 participants
  • Six medical camps in East Pench - 168 patients treated


Two patrols were organised by our field assistant Dilip Lanjewar on November 12 and November 20 in Wagholi and Khapa respectively with village eco-development committee (VEDC) members in the forest adjoining the villages. The purpose of these patrols was to check illegal diversion of electricity for fencing and to check other illegal activities.

On November 17, Dilip organised a team of villagers in a programme to de-silt and clean a waterhole near Tuyepar hut forest camp. He explained to the villagers the necessity of cleaning waterholes and how this can prevent potential man-animal conflict.

Elsewhere, our field assistant Balkrishna Bagmare motivated and organised villagers of Chargaon to clean the village drainage system to prevent spread of diseases and to control mosquitoes. This program was conducted on November 12.

On November 16, Dilip attended a meeting with villagers of Fulzari to discuss relocation of some villagers who have not yet shifted. The villagers demanded that the survey, which determines economic benefits to relocated villagers, be done once again. Retired Range Forest Officer (RFO) Mr. Londhe was also present in the meeting.

Two nature trails were organised by Dilip on November 3 and November 13 to expose village children to local flora and fauna.

On November 16, our Conservation officer Bandu and Bagmare explained to Womens' Self-Help Group (SHG) members the benefits of various livelihood training programmes and encouraged them to participate.

Environment Education

 Dilip and Balkrishna organised classroom lectures and nature games for students about various issues like forest and wildlife conservation, climate change, pollution.

IT Education Program

Satpuda Foundation has donated desktops as well as laptops to the Zilla Parishad School in Sawara village and has been conducting an IT education program for the students free of cost since the year 2013. Basic computer skills are taught to the students to make them feel comfortable with the technology and improve their IT skills. Ms. Sita, a resident of Sawara village works on an honorarium basis for Satpuda Foundation and teaches the children. Four such classes were held in the month of November 2017.

Employment Cell

Livelihood meetings were held on November 9 by Dilip at Khudsapar and on November 19 by Bandu and Balkrishna at Narhar. RFO, Mr. Sathawane was also present for the Khudsapar meeting.

On November 21, women SHG members of Kadbikheda were encouraged to take up poultry farming. Our team informed them about various sources of funding available from government agencies.

Two youths from Usripar village were admitted to the PACE hospitality training centre at Sillari with Satpuda Foundation’s help. They will undergo 2 months’ training which will qualify them to apply for jobs at hotels and resorts. Details of the youths are given in the table above.

We assisted 2 youths from Ghatpendari in applying for jobs as patrollers with the Forest Department. The jobs are for 3 months, with a monthly salary of 8,300 rupees. Details of the youths are given in the table above.

 On 11 November, the Saila Dance Group, which was formed with our help and is mentored by us, was invited by Go Flamingo Resort to give a tribal dance performance. The group earned 5,000 rupees.

Mobile Health Unit (MHU)

There were 6 medical camps in November in which 168 patients were treated.

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