Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Activity Update January 2018: Tadoba


Khutwanda youths participate in a foot patrol in the forest
Cleanliness drive at Dewada
Conservation rally at Katwal

Construction of a check dam at Katwal
Check dam at Katwal made by students and other villagers

Field Assistant Kishor Dudhbarai briefs students before a nature trail,

Khutwanda - wildlife film screening

Khutwanda students on a nature trail

Conservation rally in Khutwanda

Mudholi: Womens' SHG Valmiki Mahila Bachat Gat
attend a meeting to discuss livelihood options

Conservation rally in Mudholi


Conservation Officer: Mr. Ajay Poddar
Field Assistant: Mr. Kishor Dudhbarai

·      4 anti-plastic drives and programmes to prevent man- animal conflict - 86 villagers participated
·      1 check dam constructed in Katwal village - 18 youths participated
·   1 foot patrol in Tadoba buffer with youths of Khutwanda village- 7 youths participated
·      5 women SHG meetings were organised- 42 members attended
·      3 VEDC meetings were organised- 25 members attended
·      Meeting for drivers training programme- 40 unemployed youths attended   
·      7 environmental education programmes including presentations, film shows, nature trail in Zilla Parishad (ZP) schools - 214 students attended
·      3 wildlife conservation awareness rallies - 352 students participated


On January 5, 16, 25, and 28 we organised cleanliness and anti- plastic programmes with villagers and students of Zilla Parishad (ZP) schools of Katwal, Khutwanda, Kondegaon and Dewada villages. Programmes were organised to clean the area in and around the village and around the hand pumps and wells and to prevent man-animal conflict as wild growth provides shelter to snakes and scorpions.

On January 12, we constructed a check dam in the Moharli buffer. 18 young villagers and students of Katwal village participated in the programme.  

On January 29, following information from farmers about a sub-adult male tiger’s movement around their farmlands, we organised a foot patrol with the Forest Department in the Tadoba buffer zone involving 7 local youths from Khutwanda village.

The aim was to monitor the predator’s movement and also to spot any threats like snares, traps, electric fencing etc. around the area. The youths were taught about the dynamics of community patrolling in forest areas and how to identify scrape marks on trees, scats (predator and prey), identification of plants, birds and insects.

Environment Education

On January 13, 17 and 24, we organised wildlife conservation awareness rallies with students of Saraswati Maha Vidhyalaya, Mudholi and Zilla Parishad (ZP) schools of Khutwanda and Katwal. A total of 352 students participated in the rallies along with their teachers. Rallies were organised in order to convey the message of wildlife conservation and to raise awareness about wildlife and nature in the landscape and its short and long term benefits.

On January 4 we organised a nature trail for students of ZP school, Khutwanda, where students learned about migratory birds and identification of plants.

Education Programmes

On January 18, 19 and 20, our team visited ZP schools of Dewada, Adegaon, Sitarampeth, Mudholi, Khutwanda and Kondegaon to show wildlife documentaries and films. A total of 214 students attended the programmes. 

Employment Cell 

We organised 5 Self-Help Group (SHG) meetings and 3 Village Eco-Development Committee (VEDC) meetings, focusing on alternative livelihoods which will reduce villagers' dependence on the forests. 67 villagers attended these meetings. Our team introduced the villagers to district-level vocational training and employment schemes like four-wheeler driver’s training, hospitality courses under Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gramin Kaushal Yojna (DDUGKY) etc. 

We also spoke to candidates interested in four- wheeler driver’s training and introduced them to residential driver’s training programmes at   Ashok Leyland training centre, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh and Raipur. 

Details of the programmes are given below:

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