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IUCN Project in the Pench-Bor Corridor: February 2018


Bidgaon villagers learning to make products out of lantana wood

Wildlife film screening at Telgaon school

Telling villagers about solar-powered fencing

Students of Saroday Vidyalay, Umari, watching a film on wildlife

Trainees get carpentry kits from our team

Umari villagers training in lantana carpentry

Umari - villagers making a compost pit


Team: Mandar Pingle –Conservation Officer
Nilesh TelangField Assistant


·       Lantana furniture and crafts training programmes completed in Umri and Bidgaon villages - 12 villagers trained
·       Demonstration on solar-powered fencing in Telgaon to reduce crop depredation by wildlife
·       Prepared one compost pit through shramdhaan in Umri village
·       5 film shows attended by 436 people

Activity details:

On February 27, we organised a demonstration on solar-powered fencing for the farmers of village Telgaon in Kalmeshwar taluka who face damage to their crops from wildlife like wild boars and nilgai. The village of Telgaon is part of ‘wildlife corridor' connecting Pench Tiger Reserve in Nagpur district and Bor Tiger Reserve in Wardha district.

In the year 2017, a number of tiger deaths from electrocution were reported. Our Conservation Officer Mandar Pingle, field assistant Nilesh Telang along with Mr Kunal Verma, owner Magsoft Technologies, Nagpur, demonstrated use of  ‘Rakshak Solar Fencing’ and gave detailed explanation of the working of the solar-powered fencing to farmers.

The financial benefits of this fencing, which is cheaper than wire fencing or chain link fencing was explained to the farmers. In the wire fencing, there is a chance of wildlife getting entangled in the fence, causing injury or death. The farmers were convinced that this risk was not present in the solar fencing.

During the meeting, the villagers were also provided information regarding various agriculture-related livelihood options. Information was provided on training programmes in organic farming, beekeeping, mushroom farming and dairy management. 48 villagers were present during the meeting along with sarpanch, up-sarpanch and gram Panchayat members.

Satpuda Foundation successfully organised a lantana craft training programme to train 4 ladies from Umri (Bh.) village of Saoner taluka. The week-long programme started on 13th February and concluded on 20th February. The candidates were taught to effectively eradicate lantana weed and stop its dispersal. The candidates were trained to prepare various utility items like laptop stand, hairpins, key chains, pen stands and lamp shades from lantana.

The programme aims to provide a means of alternate livelihood to these trainees. Mr Jaisingh Phadali, a resident of Matkuli village of Satpura Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh was the master trainer for the programme. During the concluding ceremony, a tool kit was provided to each trainee.

A similar training programme was arranged for 8 youths from Bidgaon (Jatamkhora) of Saoner taluka between 21st February and 27th February. Mr Jaisingh Phadali, master trainer, taught the youths techniques to prepare items like laptop stand, hairpins, corner table, sringardani and letter box.

List of trainees:

On 23rd February, trainees of lantana craft programme from Umri village volunteered to prepare a compost pit in the farm of Mr Shankar Sarve. The waste chippings collected during the lantana woodworking were dumped in the pit. Lantana camara has been scientifically proven useful as compost for agriculture. The 4 trainees dug a pit of 2ft x 2ft x 2ft dimensions and filled it with lantana wood chippings, cow dung and soil. The compost can be utilised after 50 days. Mandar explained to the trainees that instead of burning the lantana waste, it can be utilised to prepare compost for agricultural use.

On 23rd February, Secretary, Sarpanch, members of gram Panchayat and members of different women’s Self Help Groups from Umri village paid visit to Satpuda Foundation’s office in Umri village. During the visit, the villagers were shown various utility items prepared by the trainees using lantana. Mandar also provided information on various micro and small enterprise ideas to the villagers which can help them improve their economic condition. The Gram Panchayat secretary, sarpanch and members of the Gram Panchayat appreciated Satpuda Foundation’s initiative in their village.

Education van programme

During the month, our team organised 6 film shows to promote awareness about wildlife and nature conservation.

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