Friday, August 3, 2018

Activity Update June 2018: Tadoba-Andhari


Details of vocational training programmes put up by us
at the Adegaon Gram Panchayat office

Conservation awareness rally at Bhamdeli

Discussing the upcoming tree plantation programme at Dewada

Dr Shailesh Pawde at our free medical camp in Dewada

Field Assistant Kishor talking to young villagers interested
in training for the hospitality industry - Dewada

Litter collected in the plastic litter clean-up drive - Katwal

Katwal - saplings prepared by our volunteers

Khutwanda birdwatching trail - children learning to identify
local birds

Khutwanda villagers join us and the Forest Department
on a jungle patrol

Mudholi children learning how to prepare saplings

Mudholi villagers dig pits for tree plantation 


Conservation Officer: Mr. Ajay Poddar
Field Assistant: Mr. Kishor Dudhbarai
Highlights of the month:
·      1 anti-plastic drive - 38 children participated
·      6 voluntary work projects to dig 130 pits for plantation and 200 saplings prepared – 100 villagers participated
·      Foot patrolling with local youths in buffer area- 12 youths participated
·      1 nature trail organised for 20 children
·      World Environment Day 2018 celebrated
·       2 women’s SHG meetings were organised - 26 members attended
·      3 VEDC meetings were organised - 45 members attended
·      Medical camps in 6 villages- 288 patients treated


On June 10, we organised a cleanliness and anti-plastic programme with children of Katwal village. The programme was organised to remove the plastic litter in and around the village and around the hand pump and water tank as they choke the drainage and attract animals around the village. During the programme, our assistant director Abhijit Dutta spoke to the children. 38 children participated in the programme.

On June 9, 11, 13 and 18, we prepared 200 saplings of species like Bahera, Chinch, Babul, Neem etc. with the help of school children. 68 children from Khutwanda, Kondegaon, Katwal and Mudholi village participated in the programmes. The saplings are stored on the campuses of Zilla Parishad schools and will be planted during the monsoon.

On June 12 and 15, we organised programmes to dig 130 pits for plantation through voluntary work projects by villagers. 32 villagers participated in the programmes. We are also collecting saplings from Village Eco-Development Committees (VEDCs) of different villages.  

On June 19, we organised foot patrols with Forest Guards, involving local youths around Khutwanda village in compartment no. 952. During the patrol, the youths were taught how to identify pug/hoof marks, scrape marks, and scat as well as birds and trees. 

Employment Cell
We organised 2 Self-Help Group (SHG) meetings and 3 Village Eco-Development Committee (VEDC) meetings, focusing on alternative livelihoods which would reduce dependence on the forests. 71 villagers attended these meetings.
In VEDC meetings, we discussed and explained short- and long-term benefits of plantation. We also discussed collection of saplings and areas for plantation.

During the month, we provided details to youths of vocational training programmes being offered by organisations like Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and Pratham Arora Centre for Education (PACE).  We are preparing a list of candidates interested in the programmes.

Details of the programmes are given below:

World Environment Day: On June 5, on the occasion of World Environment Day, we organised a conservation awareness rally with children of Bhamdeli village. During the rally, children chanted awareness slogans like “Wagh Vachwa, Jungle Vachwa” (save tigers, save jungles) etc. and marched through the village. After the rally, we engaged the children in an interactive session on basic environmental issues they face on a daily basis.  36 children participated in the rally.

Nature Trail: On June 8th , we organised a nature trail for children of Khutwanda village during which they spotted birds like Jacobin cuckoo, Crested Bunting, Petronia etc. They also engaged in nature games and interactive sessions during the nature trail.


Mobile Health Unit:
Team:  Dr. Shailesh Pawde, MHU driver: Mr. Sachin Ingole, MHU coordinator: Mr. Ashok Athawle

6 camps were organised by us in June in which a total of 288 patients got free treatment and medicines.

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