Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Activity Update September 2018: Kanha


Students preparing a kitchen garden
at the Government Tribal Boys Hostel in Chhapri

Plastic litter collected during a clean-up drive in Kutwahi

Villagers cleaning up plastic trash, Kutwahi

Clearing wild growth around a well, Manegaon

The area around the well after clearing the wild vegetation
Wildlife film screening at Sautiya


Team: Amit AwasthiConservation Officer
            Sampathlal Dhurve – Field assistant
·      2 voluntary work projects for community assistance – area next to hand pump cleaned at Sautiya and area next to well cleaned at Manegaon
·      3 awareness programs on vegetable farming, vermi-compost and production of azolla – nutritional feed supplement for cattle
·      2 anti-plastic programs
·      Vegetable patch prepared in Govt. Tribal Boys’ Hostel, Chapri
·      Environment education program conducted in 6 schools - attended by 232 students
·      7 nature and wildlife film shows -- attended by 372  students
·      1 unemployed youth got job through our Employment Cell
 Conservation work

On September 8, Amit and Sampath led a team of 9 people in a program to clear wild growth around a well at Sautiya. Due to heavy rains, wild growth had proliferated around the hand pump and access to the well was affected. Our team, which comprised 5 young men and 4 women from the village, removed the wild growth and cleaned the area.

A similar program was organised on September 23 to clear the area next to a well at Manegaon.

We also held 3 programs during September to promote awareness about vegetable farming, vermi-compost and azolla production in villages. Azolla is a nutritional feed supplement for cattle. Details are given in the above table.

On September 8, our team organised an anti-plastic program at Kutwahi. Amit and Sampath spoke to the villagers about the harmful impact of plastic/polythene on the environment and motivated them to remove such litter from the village. The team of villagers and students went around the village, collecting plastic and polythene litter/waste, which was then buried in a pit on the outskirts of the village.

A similar program was organised at Sautiya on September 18.

On September 27, our team prepared a vegetable patch in the Government Tribal Boys’ Hostel of Chapri village with the help of students. After preparing the patch, they planted seeds of various vegetables like okra, spinach, radish, brinjal etc.


During the month our team organised environment education programs in 11 schools in the villages in our area of operations.

Education van program

There were 7 film shows on nature and wildlife conservation in September.

Employment Cell

We helped 1 young villager get a job in September.

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