Friday, January 15, 2010

December '09 Activity Report

Lots of community conservation activities as always in our project areas. Here are some snaps sent by our VP Giri Venkatesan:

Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve:

Above: Kalapani waterhole before "shramdaan" (voluntary work)...

Above: ...and after

Above: Cleaning approach road to Moharli Gate of plastic litter

Above: Wildlife film screening at Mudholi

Pench National Park

Above: Field Assistant Dilip Lanjewar talks to school children at Zinzeria (Pench Maharashtra)

Above: Sawra villagers learn the art of selling T-shirts (Pench, Maharashtra)

Above, below: School kids learn about nature and wildlife - Turia (Pench, Madhya Pradesh)

Above, below: Building stop dam at Sawra (Pench, Maharashtra)

Below: The result of their labours - the check dam! These little dams are very important because they create water bodies which act as drinking spots for animals (wild and domestic). They also help recharge the water table.

Above: Villagers help build a stop dam at Khamrith (Pench, Madhya Pradesh)

Above: Creating a waterhole near Ghatpendari (Pench, Maharashtra)
Below: The waterhole

Kanha National Park

Above: Awareness programme for school children

Above: Workshop on functioning of village development committee, Chapri

Above: Anti-plastic campaign at Batwar

Above: Making a check dam at Sautiya

Above: Check dam at Patpara

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