Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kirti at the Sawra school

Mumbai volunteer Kirti Chavan was in Pench recently for the IT programme that he initiated in February. Read the earlier posts here and here.

The programme was launched in the school at Sawra on a pilot basis and Kirti makes regular visits to monitor the progress. These are some of the pictures he took at the school.

Above: A regular non-human visitor to the school, the non-venomous Buff striped Keelback

Above, below: Happy kids at school. "Here children really love school," Kirti says. "They come early, leave late, and you'll find some even on sundays arranging library books or watering the plants. They are involved in everything that the school does."

Above: Prayer time

Above, below: Group photos with and without Kirti

Above: Three children made this clay Ganpati idol under the supervision of schoolteacher Sachin Ambadkar.

Above: With their new enthusiasm for computers, the kids have even depicted Ganpati using a laptop!

All photos: Kirti Chavan

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