Thursday, August 16, 2012

July 2012 Activity Update: Pench Madhya Pradesh

Team: Anoop AwasthiConservation Officer
            Niranjan Hinge – Field assistant
            Bandu Uikey – Field assistant

  • 1 nature trail for students at Turia
  • School campus cleaning at Telia
  • Medical camps in 6 villages –  222  patients treated
  • Seed planting programme in Khamba, Ambadi, Telia
  • 5 film shows on wildlife -- attended by 505 students
  • Environment Education  Programme conducted in 13 village schools -  covered 634 students

Conservation Work:

Above: On July 27, Niranjan led 6 children from Turia village on a nature trail in the jungle adjoining the village. On the trail, Niranjan identified various species of local flora and fauna and explained the need for conservation to the children. 

Above: On July 25, Anoop and Niranjan led a team of 60 children from Telia in a programme to clean the school campus which was covered with grass and weeds. 

Above: Plantation programme at Telia. 

On July 19, Niranjan led a team of 20 children from Khamba in a programme to plant seeds in the school campus. Similar programmes were conducted at Ambadi on July 20 and at Telia on July 6.

During the month, our team organized environment education programmes in all the schools in our area of operations. 

Environment education programme at Telia

IT education programme at Telia

Education van programme
During the month our team organized 5 film shows on wildlife and nature conservation which covered 505 students.

Film show in Turia                     

Film show at Aamajhari

Mobile Health Unit (MHU)
We assisted Nature Conservation Society, Amravati in holding 6 medical camps in July.

MHU at Durgapur
Doctor examining a patient at Durgapur
Medical camp at Turia

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