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Activity Update April 2016: Pench Maharashtra


Our Conservation Officer Mandar trains guides operating at Khudsapar Gate

 Our field assistant Bandu joins Forest Department staff on patrol
in jungle in the Surera Beat

Ghatpendari - Our field assitant Bandu teaches conservation
to children through a game on Global Earth Day

Ghatpendari - Our team discuss modalities of setting up
a solar mini-grid to provide power to the village 

Ghoti - Our field assistant Dilip speaks to village children
about mammals on nature trail organised by us

Khapa - Dr. Bhasme examines Mrs. Anita Kokode,
Police Patil of Khapa village at free medical camp

Khapa - Our field assistant Dilip and Forest Dept. staff clean waterhole
Khudsapar - members of women's Self Help Group are trained in tailoring 

Kirangisarra - Our field assistant Dilip and villagers
clean and deepen a waterhole

Pipariya - Ourfield assistant Dilip explains the significance
of Global Earth Day to students of village school


Team: Anoop Awasthi – Conservation Officer
            Bandu Uikey, Dilip Lanjewar – Field assistants

·      Mandar Pingle and Dilip Lanjewar assisted in fighting fires in the forest on two occasions
·      Bandu Uikey arranged a meeting with villagers of Saleghat to discuss relocation issues
·      7 voluntary work projects to clean waterholes
·      Mandar Pingle and Bandu Uikey demonstrated use of litmus paper to test water quality of waterholes and to detect poisoning to Forest Department staff
·      Field assistants Dilip Lanjewar and Bandu Uikey joined Forest Department staff on anti-poaching patrols twice and five respectively
·      Mandar and Bandu organized a meeting at Ghatpendari village regarding Solar Power Grid Project
·      Dilip arranged meetings and training workshops in Khudsapar village; 3 meetings for women’s self-help groups (SHGs) on employment opportunities and one on training to work as guides
·      3 nature trails organized in April
·      Bandu Uikey arranged an visit to Nature Interpretation Center for women of SHG from Kolitmara
·      6  medical camps in April  – 157 patients treated; 111 patients were repeat patients while 46 were first time patients
·      Vishwa Vasundhara Diwas (World Earth Day)  celebrated on 22 April in Pipariya and Ghatpendari
·      Bandu assisted 2 youths from West Pench range in getting jobs with Forest Department


On April 22, Mandar Pingle and Dilip organized and led a team of 8 villagers of Wagholi and 5 villagers from Pipariya to support 12 staff of the Forest Department who was fighting a fire in the forest. Round Officer Mr. Kendre had requested Satpuda Foundation staff to arrange a team of at least 10 villagers to assist his staff in fighting the fire.

The fire had started in Mansinghdeo range of Pench Tiger Reserve and had spread towards Titralmangi area of the Pench Tiger Reserve. The team used leaves and branches from trees to douse the fire.

Mandar motivated 4 villagers of Wagholi and led them in assisting Forest Department staff in firefighting on another occasion on April 26.

On April 3, Bandu Uikey joined in an anti-poaching patrol with Forest Department staff in the jungle near Ghatpendari. On April 8, Bandu also joined Forest Department staff on a night patrol. He again joined another patrol on April 9 with Special Tiger protection Force (STPF) Range Forest Officer (RFO) Mr. Fulpagare in the jungle near Narhar. Bandu also assisted Forest Department staff in patrols near Madhya Pradesh border and Dhawlapur on April 10 and 17 respectively. Similarly, Mandar Pingle and Dilip led villagers from Khapa and Wagholi on VEDC forest patrol, on April 24 and 25 respectively in East Range of Pench Tiger Reserve. No illegal activities were detected during the patrols.

On April 8, Bandu Uikey led a team of 4 unemployed youths from Ghatpendari to join 3 staff of the Forest department in a programme to clean a waterhole at Bandra Nallah near Ghatpendari in core area of Pench Tiger Reserve. Leaves and other organic matter had fallen into the waterhole and clogged it up, making it difficult for wildlife to drink. After our programme, the water hole is being used by wildlife for drinking once again.

In the recent past many cases of poisoning of water hole have come to light and it has been speculated that many tigers have been killed by poisoning. Hence, Bandu demonstrated the use of litmus paper to the forest department staff to check the water hole for poisoning. Similar such programs were organized to clean water holes at Datizira and Narhar on April 17, Kirangisarra and Tuyepar on April 27 and Bakhari on April 30.

During these programs, Satpuda Foundation staff provided metal wired brushes for cleaning the algae deposits effectively and quickly. The use of metal wired brushes reduced the time required for cleaning the water holes considerably and made the cleaning process safer.

On April 28, Dilip led 12 children from Sillari and Ghoti villages on a nature trail in the jungle. On the trail, Dilip identified various species of local flora and fauna and explained the need for conservation to the children. Dilip also played informative nature games with the children. He then read to them about various mammal species from the book titled ‘Bhartiya Stanpayi Prani’ (Indian Mammals) and gave them detailed information on various mammals found in the forest close to their village as well as other parts of the country. A similar nature trail was organized by Dilip on April 29 near Sillari in which 16 children participated.

On April 4, Bandu Uikey organized a nature trail for 10 women of Kolitmara village. He took them on a nature trail in nearby forest area and provided information on various plant and bird species. Bandu explained the importance of biodiversity and the need for conservation. Bandu also stressed the important role of tribal women forest dwellers in conservation and urged them to actively participate in various conservation activities. Later, the group visited the Nature Interpretation Center in Kolitmara tourism Complex.

On April 22, Satpuda Foundation celebrated ‘Vishwa Vasundhara Diwas’ (International Earth Day) in various parts of Pench Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra.

In East Pench Range, Mandar Pingle and Dilip Lanjewar organized a seed plantation drive followed by a film show in Pipariya village. 27 kids from Pipariya, Sillari and Ghoti villages participated in the programme. 130 seeds of various local species of trees like the Indian gooseberry, Heta etc were planted. Films on issues related to environment and wildlife were shown.

In West Pench Range, Bandu Uikey organized a classroom lecture followed by a nature trail and nature games. 10 kids from Ghatpendari village participated in the celebrations.

On April 13, Bandu Uikey attended a meeting on Jan-Van Vikas Yojana organized by the Forest Department. During the meeting, there were discussions on issues related to expenditure and works done under the scheme. All the Presidents, Vice-presidents and forest guards representing different VEDCs were present at the meeting. Dilip Lanjewar attended a similar meeting at Satrapur on April 12.


Due to annual examination and summer vacation, there were no environment education programmes in schools in April.  

Employment Cell

There were no training programmes in April.

We assisted 2 villagers in getting jobs as daily wage workers with the Forest Department.

Mandar and Dilip organized training programmes for guides of Khudsapar gate on April 19. During the programmes, Mandar provided information on various birds, animals and trees found in the forest area to 10 guides. Mandar also taught the guides ways to interact with tourists and urged the guides to make sure they follow all the rules and regulations. As there is an increase in tourists entering from this gate, this training will help the guides to provide correct information about various aspects of the forest to all tourists.

On April 20, Mandar and Dilip organized a training workshop for 8 women of 3 different SHGs from Khudsapar village to make bags. With the rise in tourism at the Khudsapar gate, and availability of a souvenir shop at the gate, the SHG women can sell their products easily and will be able to earn their livelihood. During the training, the women learnt to make bags of various shapes and sizes. Ms Neha Dongre, of Pipariya village volunteered to teach the women the techniques of making bags. Earlier on April 11, Mandar and Dilip had arranged a meeting for 10 women of these SHGs and informed them about various livelihood options like tailoring, pickle making, papad making, incense stick making etc.

On April 7, Mandar and Bandu assisted Ajay Poddar, Employment Cell Officer of Satpuda Foundation, in identifying new candidates from Chargaon village for a programme to train them as drivers of four-wheelers.

On April 6, a meeting was arranged for youths who obtained their drivers’ license through a programme conducted earlier. The youths were informed about various employment opportunities for drivers by Ajay, Anoop Awasthi and Mandar Pingle. Another such meeting was organized on April 10 by Mandar and Dilip in Pipariya village for youths who had received their drivers’ license through a training programme organized by us earlier.

Education van programme

There were no film shows in April due to annual examinations in schools. 

Mobile Health Service (MHS)

There were 6 camps in April.

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