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Activity Update December 2016: Pench Madhya Pradesh


Awarghani - Saila Tribal Dance Group from Sawara village
performs during the Central Indian Landscape Symposium 

Chirrewani - Students conduct rally on
National Pollution Control Day to create awareness of plastic pollution

Durgapur - Our field assistant Niranjan talks about
nature and wildlife to students of the village school

Kundai - Our field assistant Kamlesh speaks to students about soil erosion

Satosha - Students of village school participate in a rally 

Satosha - Village children learn about birds on a nature trail 

Turia - Villagers watch a film on wildlife conservation 

Turia - Volunteers dig a compost pit 

The full report:

Team: Mandar Pingle – Conservation Officer
            Niranjan Hinge, Kamlesh Pawar– Field Assistants

·      One voluntary work project to dig compost pit in Turiya village
·      One voluntary work project to prepare soak pit in Dewari village
·      Two conservation awareness rallies organised in Satosha and Kundai -- 39 and 54 students respectively participated
·      8 nature trails arranged -- 82 children participated
·      17 classroom education programmes arranged -- 410 students attended the sessions
·      National Pollution Control Day observed in Chirrewani school
·      Lecture arranged on the occasion of National Energy Conservation Day for school students in Doodhgaon
·      3 performances arranged for Saila Tribal Dance group in December
·      One biogas unit repaired in Aamajhiri village


On December 31, Niranjan Hinge organised a voluntary work project to dig a compost pit in Turiya village. Five villagers volunteered for the voluntary work project program. After the harvest, the leftover biodegradable waste from the farms was used to prepare compost, which will be later used in the farms as fertiliser. This will reduce the use of chemical fertilisers and help improve the soil quality. Niranjan also explained to the villagers that this compost will be used as an organic fertiliser which is safer to use than chemical fertilisers.

On December 20, Kamlesh Pawar led 8 kids of Dewari village in a programme to construct a soak pit near a hand pump in the village. Kamlesh explained to the kids that the spilt over water from the hand-pump needs to seep in to the ground efficiently in order to improve the water table level. He further explained that if the water does not seep through, it will stagnate and can result in source of water borne diseases in future. The kids understood the importance of water conservation and keeping their surroundings clean through the activity.

On December 22, Kamlesh Pawar led 54 students of Government School, Kundai in an anti-plastic campaign and conservation rally programme, where they collected plastic/polythene litter such as wrappers, bags and other similar items. In the rally, with the message of bio-diversity conservation, participants went across all the main roads within the village, chanting slogans like "Apna farz nibhayenge, Tiger ko bachayenge’’, “Apna gaon swach rakhenge, plastic ko mitayenge”.

On December 22, Niranjan organised a nature awareness rally along with 39 students of Government School of Satosha village. The rally was organised to create awareness amongst the villagers about the degradation of nature resources and pollution of environment. The students raised slogans during the rally and caught the attention of all the villagers. The students pledged to make efforts to protect the environment and wildlife in any which way possible.

In December, we organised a total of 7 nature trails for the children of Chirrewani, Thuyepani, Mohgaon, Doodhgaon, Pulpuldoh, Satosha and Khamba villages. On the trails, our staff spoke to the children about the various plants and common medicinal uses of those plants. They were also taught how to spot and identify birds. The importance of birds in nature was also explained to the children.

Niranjan repaired a biogas unit in Aamajhiri village on December 21. The owner of the unit, Mr. Kanhaiya Hinge had approached us for assistance. Niranjan, along with 2 other villagers, repaired the biogas unit. Use of biogas unit has reduced the dependency of Mr. Kanhaiya Hinge and his family on fuelwood from the forest considerably and is a cheaper and more eco-friendly option than cooking gas.

Environment education

Employment Cell

In December, we helped the Saila Dance Group, based in Sawara, in booking three performances through which they earned 22,000 rupees. The Group was set up by us and is mentored by our team. It performs traditional tribal dances and cultural activities and helps the group members earn additional income.

Education Van Programme

There were 6 film shows in December.

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