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Activity Update December 2016: Pench Maharashtra


Ghatpendhari - Our field assistant Bandu Uikey explains
benefits and availability of micro-finance to members of women's SHGs
Ghatpendhari - Our field assistant Bandu Uikey
leads village children on nature trail

Ghatpendhari - Our field assistant Bandu Uikey
shows a tiger pug mark to children on nature trail 

Ghatpendhari - Our volunteers clear organic litter
from a water body in the jungle

The full report:

Team: Mandar Pingle Conservation Officer
            Bandu Uikey, Dilip Lanjewar – Community Officers

·      Bandu Uikey arranged a voluntary work project to clean organic waste from two water bodies near Ghatpendhari village
·      Dilip Lanjewar organised one anti-plastic drive with villagers of Khapa
·      Bandu Uikey accompanied Forest Department staff  seven times on forest patrols while Dilip led VEDC members twice on forest patrols
·      16 classroom nature education sessions held for 415 students of villages of buffer area
·      Dilip Lanjewar took a total of 34 students on 2 nature trails while Bandu took 22 students on one nature trail
·      318 students attended 7 film shows on nature and wildlife conservation arranged in Schools of buffer area, night time show arranged in Khudsapar village
·      Two youths from Ghatpendhari village sent for training in hospitality


During the first week of December 2016, a tigress from Pench Tiger Reserve forest was spotted near Bhillapar and Pindkapar villages near the boundary between Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The tigress had made some cattle kills during the first week of December. Bandu Uikey joined Forest Department staff from both Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh in joint foot patrols near these villages. 

Bandu, along with the Forest Department staff, held discussions with villagers and advised on necessary precautions to prevent any further conflict with the tigress. Bandu advised the villagers to securely tie the cattle in enclosures and keep vigil when the cattle grazed. He also asked villagers not to venture out alone after sunset. Bandu further assisted the villagers in applying for compensation for the loss of cattle.

Bandu Uikey joined local staff of the Forest Department in anti-poaching patrols on December 11, 12, 13 and 31. Members of the village eco-development committee (VEDC) of Ghatpendari and Kolitmara took part in the patrols in the jungle near their respective villages. Similarly Dilip Lanjewar led 6 members of Wagholi VEDC and 5 members of Khapa VEDC on anti-poaching patrols on December 16 and 18 respectively.

On December 28, Bandu Uikey motivated 30 students of Zilla Parishad Primary School of Ghatpendari to clean two small water bodies near Bandra Nallah near Ghatpendari village. The stagnant water had led to accumulation of a lot of biodegradable waste like leaves and grass which had started to rot. This had left the water unsuitable for drinking by wildlife. Bandu informed the students that the water bodies need to be cleaned as they were used by many wild animals like sambar deer, chital deer, langurs etc and numerous birds as well. The students assisted Bandu in cleaning the water bodies.

On December 24, Dilip led a team of 7 villagers from Khapa in a programme to clean plastic litter near the village. The road near Khapa is used by tourists for wildlife safari in Pench Tiger Reserve.
Dilip informed the villagers that the village is a part of ‘no plastic zone’ and also informed them about pollution caused by plastic waste. He told the villagers that many animals tend to eat the plastic waste like wrappers leading to death by choking. He encouraged the villagers to clean the plastic litter and dispose of it in a proper manner.

The members of the Village Eco-development Committee from Khapa have decided to conduct regular anti-plastic drives. The tourist guides were also asked to discourage tourists from throwing plastic litter by the road side.

On December 19, Dilip Lanjewar took 22 students of Zilla Parishad Middle School of Kadbikheda village on a nature trail to teach them about nature and wildlife conservation. During the nature trail, Dilip helped students spot and identify various birds like Rufous Teepie, Racket-tailed Drongo, Scarlet Minivet and Shikra. He also taught the students about various tree and plant species common to the area and their importance.

Dilip organised a similar nature trail for 12 students of Zilla Parishad School in Sillari while Bandu organised nature trail for 22 students of Zilla Parishad School of Ghatpendari village on December 28.

On December 2, Dilip Lanjewar addressed a gathering of 70 students of Zilla Parishad Upper Primary School of Ghoti village on the occasion of National Pollution Control Day. Dilip informed the students about various forms of pollution like air, water, soil and noise pollution. He informed the students about causes of these types of pollutions and their ill effects on the environment and human life.

Dilip urged the students to make a conscious effort to reduce pollution and contribute to environmental protection. He also asked the teachers to regularly teach students to adopt eco-friendly life-style to help reduce pollution.

Employment Cell

During the month of December 2016, we assisted two youths from Ghatpendari village in attending a training programme in hospitality at Amaltas Complex in Sillari. The programme was jointly organised by PACE Foundation, Mumbai and the Forest Department. Details of the youths are provided in the table below:

On December 11, a meeting was arranged with the tribal Saila Dance troupe from Sawara village to discuss about improving the performance and promotion of the group to earn a better income from the performances. The group was advised to make use of more traditional props during the performances. They were also encouraged to tell the audience more about the Gond Adivasi culture and their close relationship to nature during the performances. The Saila Dance troupe has 17 members currently and earns Rs 6000/- per performance. The troupe was set up by our team and is mentored by us.

On December 13 and 15, a meeting was organised with members of women’s self-help groups (SHG) from Salai and Ghoti village to inform them about self-employment schemes. We are assisting the SHG members in setting up souvenir shops near Sillari along with the Village Eco-development Committees of the respective villages. The members were encouraged to make and sell products like pickles and jam along with other products like t-shirts, caps etc. 

On December 4, Bandu organised a meeting with Jai Durga Women’s Self-Help Group of Ghatpendhari village. Bandu discussed ways to maintain the accounts of money saved by the group and informed the women about microfinance schemes available to start small scale businesses.

Education van programme

One film show was also arranged for the villagers of Khudsapar village at night. Short films based on wildlife and sustainable village development were shown. More than 60 villagers were present during the film shows.


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