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Activity Update June 2017: Pench Maharashtra


Plantation of saplings at Chargaon on World Environment Day

Foot patrol with Village Eco Development Committee members

Students from Sawara village on a nature trail
with our Field Assistant Dilip

Soak pit being dug in Sawara

Sillari - tree pits being dug ahead of plantation

Sillari - tree pits being dug ahead of plantation


Team: Mandar Pingle – Conservation Officer
            Bandu Uikey – Conservation Officer
            Dilip Lanjewar, Balkrishna Baghmare– Field assistants

·      One voluntary work project organised to prepare soak pit - 8 villagers participated
·      One waterhole cleaned - 9 villagers volunteered
·      Dilip organised Village Eco-development Committee (VEDC) forest patrol in Khapa
·      Bandu assisted Forest Department in forest foot patrol once in Ghorad beat
·      3 nature trails organised - 36 children participated
·      Celebrated World Environment Day 2017
·      Bandu organised one plantation programme in Ghatpendhari
·      2 meetings organised for self help groups to inform them about self employment schemes
·      Bandu attended meeting organised by Pench Tiger Conservation Foundation in Mumbai
·      A total of 254 patients treated in 6 free health camps


On June 19, Dilip Lanjewar organised a voluntary work project programme to prepare a soak pit near a hand pump in Sawara village. During a regular field visit Dilip observed that the water from the hand pump was spilling over and creating a small puddle. During the monsoon season, mosquitoes and flies which spread various diseases breed in and near such puddles. Dilip encouraged 8 villagers to volunteer and prepare a soak pit near the hand pump so as to allow the spill over water to seep effectively in the ground. This helped to keep the area near the hand pump clean and free from diseases while improving the ground water table.

On June 27, Balkrishna led a team of 9 villagers of Chargaon in a programme to clean a water tank for cattle. Leaves and other organic matter had fallen into the water tank and clogged it up, making it difficult for cattle to drink from it. This forced the cattle to venture into forest area in search of water. This could lead to conflict with wildlife and also spread diseases from the cattle to the wildlife. Balkrishna explained this to the villagers and encouraged them to clean the water tank.

After cleaning the tank, the cattle do not venture into forest area for water. Staff of the Forest Department also participated in the programme.

On June 15, Dilip Lanjewar led a team of 6 Village Eco-development Committee (VEDC) members from Khapa village on a foot patrol in the forest area near their village. The VEDC members were on the look-out for any illegal tree felling or poaching during the patrol. No such illegal activities were recorded during the patrol.

They also checked for the presence of wildlife in the area from the pugmarks, hoofmarks, scat or dung. A good proportion of wildlife including tiger seemed to roam the area. Dilip asked the villagers to take appropriate care to avoid any conflict and keep a vigil for any illegal activities.

Elsewhere, Bandu Uikey joined the Forest Department staff on a foot patrol in the Ghorad beat near Ghatpendari village on June 10.

These community-based patrols are supplemental to the regular patrols being done by the Forest Department.

On June 17, Dilip led 11 children from Sawara village on a nature trail in the jungle adjoining the village. On the trail, Dilip identified various species of local flora and fauna and explained the need for conservation to the children.

Dilip also organised informative nature games for the children. He then read to them about various tree species from the book ‘Trees of Central Indian Jungles’ and gave them detailed information on various fruiting and flowering trees found in the forest close to their village as well as other parts of the landscape.

Similar nature trails were organised by Dilip on June 15 in Khapa village in which 12 children participated and on June 13 for 13 children of Sillari village.

On June 5, Satpuda Foundation celebrated World Environment Day 2017 in various villages of Pench Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra.

In East Pench Range, Mandar Pingle and Dilip Lanjewar organised a voluntary work programme to dig pits for a planned plantation programme later during the monsoon season. 48 youths who were attending a hospitality training programme at Sillari volunteered for the programme. The trainee candidates dug 2 pits each.

Elsewhere, Bandu Uikey and Balkrishna Bagmare celebrated the day by organising a plantation programme in Chargaon village in which members of Gram Panchayat and Forest Department staff participated. Members of the Village Eco-Development Committee, Chargaon were also present. They planted saplings of local tree species like neem, mahua and amla, among others.  

Employment Cell

On June 17, Dilip Lanjewar organised a meeting for a women’s self help group (SHG) from Khudsapar village to assist them in starting a business to prepare envelopes from recycled scrap paper. These envelopes have good demand in pharmacies as well as cloth shops. As the envelopes are made from scrap paper, they are eco-friendly and cheap. The business also requires very little investment; the latter will be borne by the SHG members.

A similar meeting was organised for Vanrai SHG members at Ghoti village on June 26.  

Mobile Health Unit (MHU)

There were 6 camps in June.  

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