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Activity Update August 2017: Pench Madhya Pradesh


One of 877 saplings planted in August

Niranjan Hinge repairing a biogas stove, Aamajhari

Dewari - conservation class for school children

Doodhgaon children on a nature trail with Field Assistant Kamlesh

Free medical camp at Durgapur


Team: Mandar Pingle – Conservation Officer
            Bandu Uikey – Conservation Officer
            Niranjan Hinge, Kamlesh Pawar – Field Assistants
·      Two compost pits prepared
·      Organised four village level meetings on crop damage prevention
·      Organised rally with conservation message, anti plastic drive in Kundai
·      Organised rally with conservation message on  Independence  Day at Thuyepani
·      5 nature trails – attended by 62 students
·      Assisted one farmer from Thuyepani in starting a fish farming project in his farm pond
·      Organised 8 meetings for village youths regarding various employment opportunities and schemes – attended by 32 youths
·      Celebrated ‘Mil Bache’ programme as part of Van Mohotsav in Thuyepani village – attended by 60 students
·      Planted a total of 877 saplings with the help of 24 villagers
·      Assisted officers from Revenue Department to organise meetings in Thuyepani and Mohgaon on organic farming and biodiversity conservation – attended by 25 farmers
·      Niranjan repaired 2 defunct biogas units – 5 villagers assisted
·      19 environment education lectures – attended by 502 students
·      6 medical camps at which 202  patients were treated


On August 28, Niranjan led 5 villagers of Aamajhiri in a programme to prepare a compost pit. The villagers volunteered after Niranjan explained to them that they will be able to make use of the organic compost produced in their farms free of cost. Niranjan also explained the proper procedure to prepare eco-friendly organic compost using degradable house and farm waste. 

Kamlesh organised a similar programme in Bisenpur village during which 10 farmers volunteered. Kamlesh explained the economic benefits of preparing such compost tanks and also provided information on vermi-compost. 

During August, Kamlesh organised meetings for farmers of Sawari, Bisenpur, Dewari and Kanargaon villages and provided information on ways to prevent crop damage  from wildlife. Kamlesh emphasised the effectiveness of solar-powered fencing in prevention of crop damage. Kamlesh also informed them the process of applying for crop damage compensation in detail. A total of 23 farmers were addressed by Kamlesh during the meetings.

In August, a total of 5 nature trails were organised by Kamlesh and Niranjan for the children of Pulpuldoh, Doodhgaon, Thuyepani, Durgapur and Ambadi villages. On the trails, our staff spoke to the children about the various plants and common medicinal uses of those plants. They also spotted and identified local birds during the trails and explained their role in nature.

Kamlesh Pawar and Niranjan Hinge organised plantation drive programs in a number of villages during August. Kamlesh assisted Thuyepani Gram Panchayat in planting 240 saplings of local tree species like amla, tamarind, mahua and neem etc. He also assisted Kundai Gram Panchayat in planting 600 saplings with the help of villagers, students and teachers. The trees were planted on school, Anganwadi and Gram Panchayat campuses. Saplings were also planted along roads and in farms.

The saplings were provided by the state government through the Gram Panchayats.

Niranjan planted a total of 37 saplings of mango prepared from the seeds collected by the village children. Niranjan, along with 6 villagers, planted the saplings near farm boundaries.

On August 19, Kamlesh Pawar organised an anti-plastic rally and cleanliness drive in Kundai village. During the rally, 42 students of Government School, Kundai volunteered and picked up plastic trash from the road side and their school premises. The students also raised slogans to make villagers aware of harm caused by plastic waste and urged them to reduce, reuse and recycle the plastic trash.

On August 15, Kamlesh Pawar celebrated Independence Day along with 55 students of Government School, Thuyepani. During the celebration, Kamlesh gave a speech on the richness of biodiversity of India and as to why it is important for each and every citizen of the country to contribute towards its conservation.

An awareness rally was also held during which the students raised slogans urging villagers to conserve forests, wildlife, water and soil.

On August 18, Niranjan repaired a defunct biogas unit in a household from Aamajhiri village. The stove unit had waste material accumulated in the gas outlet which had blocked the gas flow. Niranjan also checked the biogas digester tank for faults. 3 villagers assisted him.

On August 28, Niranjan performed a similar repair again in another house in Aamajhiri.

Environmental Education Programme

There were 19 environment education programmes in classrooms during August.    

Employment Cell  

On August 6, Kamlesh Pawar assisted Chaitu Chaudhary, a farmer from Thuyepani village in starting fish farming in a pond on his farm. Kamlesh assisted Chaudhary in getting information on fish farming in farm ponds. He also assisted him in getting Rohu and Katla varieties of fish from Chhindwara. Fish farming is a very profitable business and can be done through the year if there is enough water.  

In August, Kamlesh organised 8 meetings for unemployed youths to inform them about various employment opportunities and skill development programmes being run by Madhya Pradesh government. Kamlesh organised these meetings in Thuyepani, Mohgaon, Dewari, Marjatpur, Kundai, Kanargaon, Pulpuldoh and Khamarpani villages. A total of 32 youths attended these meetings.

Mobile Health Service (MHS)

We held 6 medical camps in July, in which 202 patients were treated.

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