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Activity Update September 2017: Pench Maharashtra


Dilip speaking to villagers in Kadbikheda about livelihood options

Kadbikheda - village cleanliness drive

An awareness rally on World Ozone Day

Dr Zanzal examining a patient at our free health camp at Usripar

Narhar school - students participate in a nature quiz

Environmental education class in Sawara school


Team: Mandar Pingle – Conservation Officer
            Bandu Uikey – Conservation Officer
Dilip Lanjewar, Balkrishna Bagmare – Community Officers

·      One anti-plastic campaign in Kadbikheda and Siladevi each
·      Three nature trails held for students of Ghoti, Sawara and Khapa
·      Dilip joined Forest Department staff on anti-poaching patrols twice while Bandu assisted during night patrol once
·      Observed World Ozone Day in Sawara and Awaleghat
·      Organised class room lectures in 11 schools - attended by 338 students
·      Organised 6 medical camps – 231 patients treated free of cost

On September 23, Dilip Lanjewar organised an anti-plastic programme in Zilla Parishad school of Kadbikheda village. During the voluntary work project, Dilip explained to the students the hazards of plastic waste for both environment and human health. Dilip explained to the kids that plastic and non-degradable waste was causing irreparable damage to the ecosystem near the lake and adversely affecting the birds and other lifeforms. He also told them that the waste was equally harmful to people. He brought to the notice of the students the large amount of plastic waste along the road leading to the school as well as on the school premises. Later the students along with the teachers volunteered to clean the plastic waste in the school premises and along the road. 

Balkrishna arranged a similar voluntary work programme in Siladevi village on September 22. During the project, students, teachers and villagers cleaned the school premises and the area near the school premises. The children also raised slogans to spread the message to villagers.

On September 16, Dilip Lanjewar organised an awareness programme in Zilla Parishad school of Sawara village on the occasion of World Ozone Day. Dilip arranged a classroom information session for the students and informed them of the importance of the ozone layer, reasons for its depletion, impact of the depletion and ways to slow down the depletion process. He organised interactive games to explain these concepts effectively to the students.

Later, Dilip organised 114 students and teachers of the school in a rally to spread awareness about climate change and ways to cope with it. The students raised slogans motivating people to avoid using products which contribute to depletion of ozone layer. Balkrishna organised a similar event in Zilla Parishad School in Awaleghat near Chargaon village. 35 students were present during the programme.

Dilip joined VEDC members and Forest Department staff on patrols on September 8 and 24 at Khapa and Wagholi villages respectively. The team patrolled the borders of the villages for illegal activities. He also gave information on various plants and animals encountered during these patrols. Bandu joined Forest Department staff along with 4 villagers on a night foot patrol in Ghorad beat near Ghatpendhari village in West Pench Range. No illegal activity was detected on these patrols. During the patrolling, Bandu gave training on use of GPS to the Forest Department staff.

Environmental Education

Employment Cell

In September, Satpuda Foundation assisted the Maharashtra Forest Department in the selection of candidates for a four-wheeler driver’s training programme. The training is being provided at Ashok Leyland Driver Training Institute, Linga (Chhindwara). Biodiversity Conservation and Rural Livelihood Improvement Programme (BCRLIP) is bearing the cost of lodging, boarding and training for the candidates while the fee for learning and permanent driving licenses will be borne by the candidates.

Dilip Lanjewar provided information to the youths from Garra, Bandra, Khudsapar, Zinzeriya and Ghoti villages regarding the training and its benefits. Similarly, Bandu Uikey and Balkrishna Bagmare sent youths from their area of operations.

This one month-long training programme will equip the youths with the skill to earn a better income and help reduce their dependence on forests, thus, achieving the aim of wildlife conservation.

The list of the candidates sent for the training is as follows:

List of candidates for the driver training programme:

Dilip Lanjewar assisted youths from Ghoti and Kadbikheda in joining a 2 month-long residential course in hospitality and hotel management being conducted at Amaltas Tourist Complex, Sillari. The training is provided by PACE Foundation and funded by BCRLIP and Maharashtra State Forest Department. Candidates will be provided job placement upon successful completion of the training programme.  

List of candidates for the hospitality course:

IT Education Program

Satpuda Foundation has donated desktop computers as well as laptops to the Zilla Parishad School in Sawara village and has been conducting IT education program for the students free of cost since 2013. Basic computer skills are taught to the students to make them feel comfortable with technology and improve their IT skills. Ms Sita Uikey, a resident of Sawara village works on an honorarium basis for Satpuda Foundation and teaches the children.

Mobile Health Service (MHS)

During September, 231 patients were treated during 6 free camps.

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