Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Activity Update October 2017: Satpura Tiger Reserve


Meeting at the resettled village Aaritodiya (New Manakachar)
to discuss livelihoods

Three young men from resettled villages
who got new jobs through our Employment Cell

Our team discusses issues faced by villagers
in the resettled village New Fiferi

Chirrai - our team conducting a survey to determine the best strategy
for our livelihoods programme

A check dam built near Matkuli by students

Wildlife Week celebrations - the concluding programme

Our Field Assistant Hamid Khan with village students on a nature trail

Prize distribution for the winners of contests during Wildlife Week

Check dam being built at Matkuli

Matkuli - an essay contest during Wildlife Week

Hamid talking about conservation to students in Pisuwa school


Team:             Ashfaq Aarbi – Conservation Officer
                        Hameed Khan – Field assistant   
·      7 water conservation voluntary work projects to build check dams
·      11 awareness programmes on vermi-compost
·      Classroom visits to 14 schools as part of our environment education programme – attended by 795 students
·      1 nature trail programme
·      Employment Cell surveys of unemployed youths
·      Socio-economic surveys completed in 18 villages
·      Visit to check on status of  9 villages which have already been relocated
·      Celebration of Wild Life Week


During October, we organised 7 programmes related to water conservation. 

On October 1, we organised a programme to build a check dam on a stream around 2.5 km from Matkuli village. A team comprising of 2 teachers, 22 students from Government Higher Secondary School, Matkuli and our field assistant Hameed built the dam. The resultant water body will benefit  wildlife at nights. Spotted deer, monkeys and leopards are spotted in the area.

Similar programmes were organised at Pisuwa, Matkuli and Mehandikheda on October 16, 17 and 22.


During the month, our team organised 14 lectures and 1 nature trail programme to educate students about nature and wildlife conservation.

Employment Cell

On October 15, 3 youths from relocated Manakachar village got jobs thanks to our assistance. One youth from Matkuli who had migrated to Daman several years ago had contacted our field assistant Hameed Khan and told him of job opportunities available at his factory. We then motivated 3 youths from Manakachar to join him. Depending on their feedback, we will assist more youths in getting jobs at the factory.

Details of the placements are as follows:

In October, we completed a survey of unemployed villagers in 18 villages of East Pachmarhi cluster and Denwa cluster and prepared proposals for livelihood training. Satpura Tiger Reserve (STR) management will approach the concerned government agencies to implement livelihood training programmes under the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM).

Socio-economic survey

During the month, our team completed socio-economic surveys of Matkuli, Mehandikheda, Mohgaon, Pisuwa, Chandanpipariya, Bindakheda, Maili, Tekapar, Chillod, Chirrai and Khari villages in buffer zone of Pachmarhi range and Jhirpa, Khanchari, Karer, Duddi, Bandhan, Aaritodiya and Almod villages in buffer zone of Denwa range.

Relocated villages

On October 15, Satpuda Foundation team visited the relocated villages of Manakachar, Ghoghri and Fiferi to follow up on the status of the relocated villagers. Our team arranged meetings with the villagers to give them information about livelihood options such as poultry farming, fisheries and bee-keeping.

Our team of Ashfaq Aarbi and Hamid Khan was joined by Shirnarayan Dewda (Forest Guard) for the meetings.

Ashfaq and Hamid Khan visited the relocated villages of Sonpur, Raikheda, Mongra, Jamandhonga, Dhargaon, Anjandhana, Sonpur, Nayakheda and Nankot during October to follow up on the status of the relocated villagers.

The main issues raised by the villagers related to lack of employment, and poor approach roads. Shri A.K. Mishra, Joint Director, STR has asked Satpuda Foundation to focus on youths from relocated villages in our livelihood activities.

Wildlife Week Celebrations

During the first week of October, our team organised a series of events across two ranges - east Pachmarhi and Denwa - to celebrate the Wildlife Week.

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