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Activity Update May 2018: Satpura Tiger Reserve


Celebration of International Biodiversity Day

Celebration of International Biodiversity Day

Our Field Assistant receives the State Biodiversity Award, 2018
on behalf of the Matkuli Biodiversity Management Committee,
set up and mentored by us

Awareness programme on livelihoods and Government development
schemes - at Almod 
Chandanpipariya - volunteers patrol the jungle

Pisuwa - Field Assistant Hamid with the Forest Department on patrol


Team: Ashfaq Aarbi – Conservation Officer
            Hamid Khan – Field assistant


·      9 water conservation voluntary work projects during the month – 7 water bodies cleaned and 2 check dams repaired
·      5 programmes on need to provide water for birds and putting up of  600  water pots/containers
·      11 awareness programmes on forest fires
·      Joined Forest Department staff on 5 patrols in jungle
·      2 villages identified for setting up of nurseries for saplings
·      3 vermicompost tanks built; 5 awareness programmes on vermi compost
·      5 tanks built for solid waste management
·      Organised livelihood workshop for unemployed youths and SHGs
·      Organised livestock management meeting with Animal Husbandry  Department
·      Celebrated International Biodiversity Day at Panarpani
·      Participated in International Biodiversity Day workshop at Bhopal


During May, we organised 9 programmes related to water conservation as detailed above.

On May 4, we organised a programme to clean a water body in the jungle a few kilometres from Mehandikheda village. The water body was covered with leaves and organic litter and animals were finding it difficult to drink. Our team, consisting of field assistant Hamid Khan and 11 children from Mehandikheda village, cleared the litter and made the water bodies accessible to the animals again. Spotted deer are regularly seen around this water body while there are occasional sightings of sloth bears and leopards.    

We organised 6 similar programmes during the month to clean other water bodies in the jungle. Details are given in the table above.

On May 31, our team repaired a check dam on a stream some distance from Pisuwa village. A team comprising 9 villagers from Pisuwa, Mr. Vimlesh Vyalsa (Forest Guard) and Hamid worked on repairing the dam. This water body is used by wildlife at night. Spotted deer, leopards and other wildlife are seen in the area.  

A similar programme was organised at Mehandikheda on May 31.

Our teams work across the landscape to provide water to birds during the scorching summer. Our team motivated villagers in Matkuli, Jhirpa, Aaritodiya, Almod and Pisuwa to put up around 600 small containers with water around the villages and their outskirts for birds to quench their thirst.

Awareness programmes on forest fires

During the month, our team organised 11 programmes in villages to promote awareness about forest fires and the need for everyone to join hands in fighting them.  In 3 of the meetings, local staff of the Forest Department joined us in addressing the villagers.

The details are given in the table below.

Forest patrolling

During the month we participated in forest patrolling work with Forest Department at Karer, Maili, Chandanpipariya, Pisuwa and Jhirpa. These patrolling activities were strengthened by participation of Mr. Pusparaj Moodotiya, Vimlesh Vyalsha, Srinarayan Bhalavi, Shivnarayan Devda (Forest Guards), forest choukidars and Eco Development Committee members.

Village Nursery

During the month we drew up plans for seed collection and setting up of nurseries with students and the managements of schools in Jhirpa, Matkuli and Pisuwa. We submitted a proposal to Madhya Pradesh State Biodiversity Board Bhopal for providing rare species and medicinal plants for nursery development.


During the month we organised 5 awareness programmes on vermicompost and 3 vermicompost tanks were set up at Matkuli and Jhirpa with the support of Gram Panchayat. We also trained villagers to make vermicompost to reduce their dependence on chemical fertilisers.

Solid Waste Management

During the month we suggested to the Gram Panchayat, Matkuli that they should prepare a small tank for solid waste management in the market area at Matkuli. The Gram Panchayat accepted our suggestion and prepared 5 small tanks. The tanks are very useful for dumping litter including plastic and other waste materials on market days.

Livelihoods workshop

We organised workshops for unemployed young villagers and Self Help Groups (SHGs) at Almod and Matkuli on May 4 and 17 respectively. Satpuda Foundation focused on SHG review, grading and loan distribution activity. This programme was attended by Block Coordinator National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM), officials from banks and SHG members. We displayed information about government schemes in the programme and encouraged people to fill forms and apply for loans under Mukhyamantri Aarthik Kalyan Yojna.

During the month, we visited the Block Coordinator NRLM – a Government official who runs rural livelihood programmes – to submit 35 loan proposals for villagers whom we had trained earlier to make handicrafts and furniture from lantana. The villagers are from Matkuli, Pisuwa, Tekapar Gram Panchayat . The loan proposals were forwarded to Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Janpad Panchayat Pipariya.

Awareness program on Livestock Management

During the month, we organised 5 meetings to promote awareness about livestock management (cattle shed, stall feeding and fodder plantation; cattle castration etc.) jointly with the Forest Department and Animal Husbandry Department. These programmes were attended by Dr. Jain (VAS), Dr. J.P. Sarathe (AVFO), Smt. Laxmi Yadav (Sarpanch- Pisuwa), Smt. Uma Mehra (Sarpanch- Tekapar), local forest guards and villagers.

International Biodiversity day workshop

On May 22, Madhya Pradesh State Biodiversity Board arranged a workshop on International Biodiversity Day at Bhopal. This programme was attended by Mr. R. Srinivasa Murthy (Member Secretary, MP Biodiversity Board), Mr. J.K. Mohanty (PCCF, working plan), Mr. Shabaz Ahmed (PCCF, Wildlife), Mr. Ravi Srivastav (PCCF, Chief forest force), Mr. K.K. Aper (Chief Secretary MP), Mr. M.K. Sapra (PCCF, CAMPA), Mr. Rajesh Srivastav (PCCF, Production) and all BMCs.
Hamid Khan participated in this programme from our side. The Biodiversity Management Committee (BMC), Matkuli was awarded 3rd prize in the State Biodiversity Award 2018.  The BMC Matkuli was set up with our help and is mentored by our team.

Celebration of International Biodiversity Day

On May 22, we organised an event to celebrate the International Biodiversity Day at Panarpani. This programme was attended by Mr. A.K. Khare (Rtd. SDO), Shri Sanjeev Sharma (Assistant Director, Satpura Tiger Reserve), Mr. Tiwari (Ranger - East Pachmarhi) and Range Assistant and forest guard. To celebrate the occasion, 2 films on Biodiversity, nature and wildlife were screened at Panarpani. A total of 110 children participated. The event focused on wildlife, nature and environment and included a visit to the Biodiversity Educational Centre, Panarpani.

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