Friday, February 15, 2019

Activity Update January 2019: Navegaon-Nagzira


Our colleague and volunteers on patrol in the jungle 

Our team cleans a waterhole in the jungle 

Bhajepar - Village youths participate in an anti-plastic programme 

Jindatola - Our colleague Jivraj discusses livelihood options 
with members of women's SHG 

Kurhadi - Our Conservation Officer Mukund Dhurve
conducts an environment education programme in the village school

Kurhadi - Students of village school watch a film on wildlife conservation

Mangezari - Dust bins provided by us to prevent littering
by tourists and villagers

Pitezari - Dr. Khode examines patient at our free medical camp 

Umarzari - Agriculture Officer Mr. Pardhi addresses villagers
at a meeting organised by us


Mukund Dhurve         - Asst.  Conservation Officer
Jivraj Salam                 - Field assistant

·      Joined Forest Department staff on patrols on 4 occasions
·      4 community assistance voluntary work projects to clean area next to hand pumps
·      2 voluntary work projects to clean water holes
·      4 anti-plastic programs
·      Organised environment education programs in 5 schools in which 915 students were present.
·      Organised 6 film shows on nature and wildlife conservation – attended by 815 people
·      Organised 6 medical camps in which 158 patients got free treatment
·      Organised meeting with Self-Help Group (SHG) members at Jindatola to discuss livelihood and conservation issues
·      2 young villagers identified and sent for driving training program at Chhindwara, funded by Nagzira Tiger Conservation Foundation
·      Organised villagers’ meeting at Umarzari on organic farming


Our team organised 4 community assistance programs on January 7, 8, 19 and 20 to clear areas around hand pumps at Kodelohara, Kodebarra, Chorkhamara, and Bhajepar. Unemployed young villagers from Mangezari participated in all the programs, led by Mukund and Jivraj. Details of the programs are given in the table above.

Water had spilled over while people drew from the hand pumps and had stagnated, leading to proliferation of mosquitoes and insects. Our teams cleared the area, removing scum and organic growth and dug canals to drain away the water.

Our team joined the Forest Department in day and night patrols in Compartment No. 109 and Compartment No. 113 and on the paths linking Mangezari to Jindatola and Mangezari to Kodebarra. Besides our staff, volunteers from a youth club at Mangezari also joined in the patrols. The youth club was set up with our assistance and is mentored by our Conservation Officer Mukund Dhurve.    

During the month, our team organised 4 anti-plastic programs to clean polythene/plastic litter from villages. The programs were organised on January 7, 8, 19 and 20 at Kodelohara, Kodebarra, Chorkhamara and Bhajepar villages respectively. Mukund and Jivraj organised the programs. They were attended by villagers and village eco-development committee (VEDC) members. The plastic litter has been kept in our Mangezari office and will be sent to Tiroda for recycling.

On January 19, we organised a meeting of villagers at Umarzari to promote organic farming. We invited Agriculture Officer Mr. Pardhi to speak to the farmers on how to practice organic farming. He also gave details of government schemes to support farmers in their activities. 16 farmers were present.  


There were 5 education programs in January.

Education Van

During January, we organised 6 film shows on nature and wildlife conservation.

Employment Cell Training activities

During the month, we identified 2 young villagers to attend a driving training program at Chhindwara. The program is funded by Nagzira Tiger Conservation Foundation.

Mobile Health Service (MHS)

There were 6 health camps in January.

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