Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Activity Update April 2013: Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve

Bandu Kumare – Field assistant


  • Follow-up to plantation done during the monsoon in 4 villages
  • Anti-plastic programmes in 2 villages
  • Programmes to clean soak pits in 2 villages
  • One voluntary work project to clean area around hand pump
  • Water pots put up for birds in 2 villages
  • Environment education lectures in 10 schools – attended by 350 students
  • 2 nature trails for village children
  • Medical camps in 6 villages  - 242 patients treated
  • Two visits to Bhagwanpur to follow up status of relocated villagers


Below - some photos of two tiger cubs hit by a speeding train on the Gondia-Chandrapur railway track late on 14 April. The cubs were 10 months old. One was knocked dead with a head injury, the other suffered a fracture in the right hind leg and was shifted to Nagpur for treatment. The photos were taken by our Field Assistant Bandu Kumare. http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-04-16/nagpur/38585770_1_tiger-cub-injured-cub-tigress

Kelzar - the dead cub being removed from the track

The dead tiger cub

The injured cub being taken away for treatment

During April, Bandu organized 4 programmes to follow-up on plantation done during the monsoon months. Last year, during the monsoon, we had arranged for planting of saplings in different villages. Now, we are following up to ensure that the saplings get enough water as well as protection from grazing livestock. Details are given in the table above.

Kondegaon - children attend to a sapling planted in last year's monsoon

On April 9, Bandu organized an anti-plastic programme at Chorgaon in which school students cleaned up the main village road of plastic litter and waste. They then cleaned up the school premises. The litter/waste was then buried in pits. A similar anti-plastic programme was at Kondegaon on April 23.

On April 16, Bandu organized a programme to clean the area around a hand pump at Junona. Spillover water from the hand pump had stagnated around the pump. 4 youths from the village joined hands with Bandu in the programme. The team dug a canal to drain the spillover water away and cleaned the area of organic waste and litter which had accumulated there.

Similarly, 2 soak pits which had filled up with organic litter were also cleaned up in programmes organized by Bandu on April 12 at Katwal and on April 22 at Moharli.

Katwal - soak pit being cleaned

Katwal - soak pit after cleaning

During summer, our teams across the landscape motivate villagers and children to put up water pots in suitable spots so that birds can quench their thirst. Bandu arranged for pots to be put up in 2 villages – Bamdeli and Dewada.

Dewada - a makeshift waterhole for birds built by our volunteers


In April, our environment education programme covered 10 schools.

Bamdeli - Bandu speaking to schoolchildren about
environment conservation

During April, Bandu organized 2 nature trails for school students of Sitarampeth (April 22) and Kutwanda (April 25). On the trails, Bandu helped the children identify various birds and plants and spoke to them about nature and wildlife conservation.

Sitarampeth - children on a nature trail


There were health camps in 6 villages in April.

Navegaon - villagers register at our free medical camp

Jamni - villagers being treated by our Mobile Health Unit

Employment Cell

Dewada - Bandu talks to villagers about livelihood options

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