Monday, June 10, 2013

Activity Update May 2013: Kanha

Team: Amit AwasthiConservation Officer
            Sampathlal Dhurve – Field assistant

  • 13 waterholes cleaned
  • Socio-economic survey updated in 4 villages 
  • Employment cell survey updated in 4 villages
  • 2 vermi - compost tanks constructed in 2 villages
  • 2 voluntary work project programmes to clean areas next to hand pumps
  • 2 anti-plastic programmes in 2 villages
  • 3 unemployed youths placed in jobs with resorts 
  • 2 nature trails for village children

Amit and Sampath organized programmes during the month to clean 13 waterholes inside the jungle used mainly by wildlife. All the waterholes had become clogged with organic litter. Our teams cleaned up the waterholes and deepened them to ensure better supply of water. Details of the programmes are given in the table above. The waterholes are located around 1-5 kms from the villages inside the forest.

Batwar - the team cleaning the stream leading to the waterhole

Batwar - removing organic litter from the waterhole

In May, we assisted two villagers in preparing a vermi-compost tank each as part of our goal to encourage organic farming. One tank was prepared in the residence of Vasudev Uikey at Sautiya and the other at the residence of Lakhan Lal Tekam at Batwar.

Batwar - vermi-compost tank prepared at Lakhan Lal Tekam's home

During May, our team organized 2 programmes to clean areas surrounding hand pumps. In both cases, spill over water from the hand pumps had stagnated and created bogs. Our volunteers cleaned the areas, dug canals to drain the spill over water away and then dug soak pits at the end of the canals to take the water. Details are in the table above. The soak pits are used by domestic livestock in the day and by wild animals at night for drinking.

Batwar - soak pit clogged with litter before the programme

Digging of canal and soak pit in progress

Sampath and the volunteers pose after completion

On May 18, our team organized an anti-plastic programme at Sautiya. Amit and Sampath spoke to the students of the primary school about the harmful impact of plastic/polythene on the environment and motivated them to remove such litter from the village. The students went around the village, collecting plastic and polythene litter/waste, which were then buried in a pit on the outskirts of the village. A similar programme was organized at Chapri on May 20.

Chapri - children bury plastic trash in a pit

During summer, our teams across the landscape motivate villagers and children to put up water bowls in suitable spots so that birds can quench their thirst.

Bhagpur - Krishna Maravi fills a water pot for birds

Chapri - children filling a water pot for birds


There were no classroom programmes as schools were shut for the summer holiday.

Amit and Sampath led children of Kutwahi and Samaiya on nature trails on May 19 and May 27 respectively. On the trails, they helped children identify various species of plants and animals and explained the importance of preserving our environment.

Samaiya - Sampath speaks to children on a nature trail

Employment Cell

We helped three youths get jobs during the month of May.

Rajaram Maravi of Manegaon outside Kanha Resort,
his new place of employment

During the month, our team also updated socio-economic surveys of 4 villages and carried out surveys of unemployed youths in 4 villages in order to work out a strategy for alternative livelihood options.

Manegaon - Amit conducting a socio-economic survey

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