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Activity Update October 2015: Pench Madhya Pradesh

Team: Anoop Awasthi – Assistant Director
            Niranjan Hinge, Kamlesh Pawar – Field Assistants
·      One voluntary work programme to construct a soak pit at Chirrewani
·      One voluntary work programme to build check dam at Satosha
·      Organized anti-plastic drives in Khamrith and Teliya under Swach Bharat Abhiyaan
·      Hand Wash Day programme at Tuyepani village under Swach Bharat Abhiyaan
·      Organized farmers’ meeting at Mohgaon village
·      Celebrated Wild Life Week in Tuyepani, Chirrewani, Khamarpani, Dewri, Kundai, Turia, Khamba, Ambadi, Teliya, Satosha, Aamajhari, Khamrith, Durgapur, Potiya villages
·      15  nature trails for school children of Turia, Khamba, Ambadi, Teliya, Satosha, Jamuntola, Khamrith, Aamajhari, Durgapur, Kohoka villages -- attended by 55 students
·      17  environmental education programs – attended by 406 students
·      10  film shows on nature and environment – attended by  686 students
·      Meeting of women’s SHG members -- capacity building
·      6 medical camps at which 212  patients were treated


PENCH MADHYA PRADESH (Khamarpani cluster)


On October 16, Kamlesh joined hands with students of Chirrewani Government Primary and Middle schools to dig a soak pit next to a hand pump on the school campus. He explained to the students how such soak pits help recharge water table. Photos below.

On October 15, a cleanliness drive was organized on the school campus of Tuyepani village. 60 children participated in the program. The drive aimed to teach children the importance of cleaning their hands and also sought to spread awareness among the students about personal hygiene. Students were also told about the impact of plastic on the environment. Photo below.

On October 31, Niranjan gathered a team of 5 villagers of Satosha and built a stop dam over a stream flowing along the village boundary about 500 meters from the National Park. The resultant water body will benefit domestic and wild animals. Deer, wild boar and jackals are regularly spotted in this area. Photo below.

On October 1, a cleanliness drive was organized in the school at Turia village. 103 children participated in the program. The drive’s motive was to clean school campus and spread awareness about public cleanliness among the students. The impact of plastic on the environment was also explained to the students. Similar programmes were organized at Khamrith on Oct 26 and on Oct 28 at Teliya. Photos below.

In October, 15 nature trails were organized by Niranjan for the children of Turia, Khamba, Jamuntola Ambadi, Satosha, Aamajhari, Khamrith, Durgapur, Kohoka, villages. On the trails, he explained to them about the various plants and common medicinal uses of those plants. He also identified birds along the trails and explained their role in nature. Photos below: trail near Kohoka lake.

On October 14, our Assistant Director Anoop Awasthi organized a meeting of farmers at Mohgaon at which he explained to them the benefits of collective action. Photo below: Anoop discusses the benefits of forming a farmers' club; Mohgaon. 

On October 28, we organized a meeting at Turia for the members of Shrusti Self Help Group (SHG). In this meeting, 7 women participated and decided to start a service to provide meals for tourists and drivers of tourist vehicles. Satpuda Foundation plans to motivate and guide the group in their venture. The SHG already assists us in conservation activities at the village level. Our team will also assist them in taking up other alternative livelihoods which will reduce pressure on forests.

Environmental Education Programme

Our team conducted 17 environment education programmes in classrooms during October.   

Education Van Programme

There were 10 film shows on nature and wildlife conservation during October.

Film screening at Mohgaon

Film screening at Tuyepani

Mobile Health Unit (MHU)

We organized 6 medical camps in October, in which 212 patients were treated.

Abhishek Shambhulal Uikey, a 13-year old resident of Tuyepani village was suffering from itching and skin infection in his private parts. He was too shy to discuss his problem with medical staff but once we got to know of his problem from other villagers, we counselled him and, after counselling, he approached Dr. Abhishek Pathak at one of our free camps. Following treatment, he is now all right and to express his gratitude, he is now supporting us in our conservation programmes.

Rajni Sukhdas Inwate, a 30-year old resident of Tuyepani, was suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea. She decided to go to Khamarpani, 10 km from her village, for treatment. It so happened that our ambulance came to Tuyepani at this time for our routine camp. She came to Dr. Abhishek Pathak for treatment. Dr Pathak examined her and prescribed medicines to her. After the camp, our field assistant Kamlesh Pawar followed up to ensure she took her medication at the right time and in proper doses. She is now fit again thanks to our treatment, medicines and follow-up. Rajni thanked Satpuda Foundation for the assistance and committed support to our conservation work.

Shakeela Gyarsu Kokode, a 31-year old resident of Chirrewani was suffering from sores in her hand, along with swelling due to which she was unable to do any work. Dr. Abhishek Pathak examined the patient and prescribed medicines to her. After regularly follow-up by our field assistant, she has been cured of her problem.  She has expressed her thanks to Satpuda Foundation and committed to support us in our conservation work.

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