Monday, November 30, 2015

Activity Update October 2015: Tadoba

Bandu Kumare – Field assistant


  • Wildlife Week celebrated in 9 villages in our area of operations
  • Anti-plastic programme at Katwal
  • 2 community assistance voluntary work projects – common areas of village cleaned at Adegaon and Dewada
  • One community assistance voluntary work project – programme at Sitarampeth to clean area around well
  • One programme to clean water body used by domestic animals at Kondegaon
  • Classroom visits to 10 schools as part of our environment education programme – attended by 306 students
  • Film shows on nature and wildlife conservation at 7 places – attended by 394 people
  • Health camps in 6 villages – 486 patients treated
  • 2 visits to check on status of relocated villagers of Jamni and Navegaon  

On October 27, Bandu organized an anti-plastic programme at Katwal in which 16 villagers, 4 teachers and 26 students participated. Bandu explained the harmful effects of plastic on the environment and the need to keep plastic litter and waste buried so that they aren’t blown away into jungle areas. The children first cleared the main road of the village of plastic litter and waste and later cleared the school premises. Photos below.

On October 14, Bandu organized a programme at Adegaon to clear the common area and main road of the village. 5 villagers, 2 teachers and 24 students from the village joined Bandu in the programme. A similar programme was organized on October 23 at Dewada in which 7 youths, 2 teachers and 19 students from the village participated.

On October 16, Bandu organized a programme at Sitarampeth to clear the area around a well. Water had spilled over while people drew from the well. This had stagnated, leading to proliferation of mosquitoes and insects. Our team cleared the area, removing scum and organic growth and dug a canal to drain away the water. 3 youths from the village joined Bandu in the programme. 

On October 20. Bandu organized a programme to clean and de-silt a water tank next to a hand pump at Kondegaon. The tank, which received spillover water from the hand pump, had become clogged with mud and organic waste. 3 youths joined Bandu in the programme. As the hand pump is on the outskirts of the village, the water tank is used by domestic cattle in the day. Photos below.

Environment Education

During October, Bandu made 10 classroom visits to speak to students of village schools on various aspects of nature and wildlife conservation.

During the month, Bandu organized a nature game for Zilla Parishad Primary School students of Kutwanda during which he spoke to the students about nature and wildlife and the need for conservation.

Classroom talk at Mudholi

Education Van

There were 7 film shows on nature and wildlife conservation in October.

Film screening at Kondegaon

Film screening at Mudholi

Employment Cell

During October, we selected 30 youths from Katwal, Kutwanda, Mudholi, Sitarampeth, Bamdeli, Moharli, Junona and Adegaon for a programme to train them as drivers of four-wheelers. The candidates have got their learner’s license and their training will start shortly.


There were 6 health camps in October.

Photos: Dr Dhiraj Tapare examines patients at our free medical camp at Sitarampeth

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