Sunday, November 8, 2015

Activity Update September 2015: Pench Maharashtra

Team: Anoop Awasthi - Assistant Director
            Bandu Uikey, Dilip Lanjewar – Field Assistants


  • Organized demonstration of new solar fencing technique at Wagholi, Ghoti and Khapa.
  • Celebrated World Ozone Day with Forest Department at Sillari
  • One voluntary work project to create compost pit at Shiladevi
  • Five  nature trails held for students of Kadbikheda, Kirangisarra, Wagholi, Ghoti and  Ghatpendari villages
  • Organized one anti-plastic programme at Wagholi
  • Organized village cleaning campaign at Kadbikheda.
  • Bandu and Dilip joined Forest Department staff on anti-poaching patrols 3 times and 2 times respectively
  • Organized meetings of villagers at  Shiladevi, Dhawlapur, and Suwardhara to discuss village development through Village Eco Development Committee (VEDC)
  • Organized environment education programmes in 19 schools; 593 students attended these programmes.
  • Organized 6 medical camps at which 158 patients were treated
  • Assisted 3 unemployed youths in getting part-time jobs through Forest Department
  • Coordinated with participants of driver’s training programme for their learner’s licences

On September 8, Anoop Awasthi, Dilip Lanjewar and local Forest Department staff jointly organized a demonstration on 'Improved Solar fencing techniques' with the help of Nagpur-based firm Agro Engineering Equipment. Mr. Avinash Jadhav explained the details and demonstrated the fencing to villagers. Similar programmes were organized on September 5 in Ghoti and September 23 in Khapa. This technique will be helpful in controlling crop damage by wildlife. Photo below.

On September 16, Anoop Awasthi, Dilip Lanjewar and Range Officer of East Pench Mr. Devkar celebrated “World Ozone Day” with Village Eco Development Committee members, local Self Help Group members, and villagers of Khapa, Sillari, Pipariya, Wagholi, Ghoti and Salai. In this programme villagers learnt about the importance of the ozone layer for life, and how to conserve it. Photo below. 

Villagers were also informed about various vocational training courses and livelihood options for sustainable development. 

On September 22, Bandu with the help of village youths, Forest Department staff and students of Salai, created a soak pit to collect spillover water from the hand pump on the school campus. He explained the purpose of the soak pit to the participants.

On September 21, Bandu led 6 youths of Shiladevi village in a programme to create a compost pit next to the village’s kindergarten school (Anganwadi centre) which will help convert leftover food into organic fertilizer. Photos below.

On September 28, Dilip led 15 students and women in a village cleanliness programme under ‘Swaccha Bharat Abhiyaan’ near school. They swept the roads of the village and collected plastic litter and garbage in sacks. Photos below.

On September 28, Dilip with the help of students of Wagholi School organized an anti-plastic campaign in nearby “Shivkund”, which is situated on the outskirts of the village near the buffer jungle next to a natural waterhole. A temple to Lord Shiva was built here by villagers, and tourists and pilgrims regularly visit this place for worship and picnics. These visits result in litter all around with food leftovers, which attract wild animals and create chances of human-wildlife conflict. Photo below.

Photos above: Paoni-Deolapar road  - tree felling for NH 7

Dilip joined VEDC members and Forest Department staff in patrols on September 24 and 28 at Khapa and Wagholi villages. The team patrolled the borders of the villages for illegal activities. Bandu joined similar patrols on September 6, 12 and13 in Ghatpendari and Ghorad beats. No illegal activity was detected on these patrols. Photos below.

Team on forest patrol in Ghatpendari, with Bandu

Community patrol with VEDC members near Khapa. With Dilip.

Environmental Education Programme

In September, Bandu and Dilip took students of Ghatpendari, Kadbikheda, Kirangisarra, Wagholi and Ghoti on a total of 6 nature trails. On the trails, Bandu and Dilip spoke to the students about birds, trees and forests. The impact of degradation of natural resources was explained to the students.

Students from Ghoti on a nature trail

Nature education classes at Kadbikheda

Learning how to identify insects

Above: Nature games and nature education programmes

Employment Cell

Candidates for the drivers training programme preparing
for the learner's license test at the Rural Regional Transport Office, Nagpur

Mobile Health Unit (MHU)

6 medical camps were held in September in which 158 patients were treated.

Dr Bhasme examines patients in Khapa

Free health camp in Ghoti

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