Thursday, July 6, 2017

Activity Update April 2017: Satpura Tiger Reserve


Barud - villagers discuss livelihood issues with our
Conservation Officer Ashfaq Aarbi
Matkuli: putting up water pots for birds 

Matkuli - celebrating World Earth Day

Villagers discuss development and livelihood issues with
Field Assistant Hamid Khan
Volunteers clean a jungle water body for wildlife

Another jungle water body cleaned by our volunteers

Vermi-compost tank constructed in Tekapar



Ashfaq Aarbi – Conservation officer
Hamid Khan - Field assistant

·      20 water conservation voluntary work projects during the month– 20 water bodies cleaned
·      5 vermi-compost pits made at Tekapar and 4 awareness programmes on vermi compost
·      10 awareness programmes on forest fires
·      9 awareness programmes on need to provide water for birds and putting up of  150  water pots/containers
·      8 unemployed youths placed in jobs at Pratibha Garments, Indore at starting salary of Rs 7,500/- per month
·      Visit to check on status of  6 villages which have already been relocated
·      Celebration of World Earth Day at Matkuli
·      Participated in Gram Uday se Bharat Uday Abhiyan – programme to promote awareness of Central Government’s social, livelihood and economic development schemes among villagers


During April, we organised 20 programmes related to water conservation.  

On April 6, we organised a programme to clean a water body in the jungle near Jhirpa village. The water body, which is located in the buffer zone, was covered with leaves and organic litter and animals were finding it difficult to drink. Our team, consisting of field assistant Hameed Khan and 14 adult villagers cleared the litter and made the water body accessible to the animals again. Spotted deer are regularly spotted around the water body while there are occasional sightings of sloth bears and leopards.

19 similar programmes were organised at Pachmarhi and Denwa clusters.

The details are given in the table above.       

During the month organised 4 awareness programme on vermi compost and organised for the building of 5 vermi compost tanks at Tekapar with the support of Agriculture Department. We also trained villagers in making vermi-compost to reduce their dependence on chemical fertilisers.

During the month, our team organised 10 programmes in villages to promote awareness about forest fires and the need for everyone to join hands in fighting fires.  The details are given in the table below.

Our teams work across the landscape to provide water to birds during the scorching summer. In Satpura Tiger Reserve, Hamid Khan motivated villagers in Mehandikheda, Mohgaon and Matkuli to put up small containers with water for birds to quench their thirst. The 150 containers were placed at suitable places in trees, roofs of houses and buildings. Our team also arranged awareness programme on putting up of pots for drinking water for birds at Tekapar, Chirrai, Khari, Chandanpipariya, Chillod and Jhirpa.

Celebration of Earth Day

On April 21, we organised a programme to celebrate World Earth Day at Matkuli. Water conservation was also discussed at the meeting. Following the meeting, villagers voluntarily dug a trench to collect water leaking from an overhead tank. This makeshift water tank now provides drinking water for domestic livestock, while, earlier, the water was being wasted.

The programme was attended by Mr. Hemant Tiwari (Principal, Government Higher Secondary School, Matkuli), Bubulal Dahiya (expert on water conservation), Smt. Laxmi Yadav (Sarpanch, Pisuwa) and Mr. Kamal Kishor Pal (Sarpanch, Matkuli) and around 50 villagers from Matkuli.

Employment Cell - Placement

8 youths from relocated and buffer villages got jobs in April thanks to our assistance.

Details of the placements are as follows:

During the month, our team organised meetings with unemployed youths in 10 villages to discuss livelihood options with them.

The details are given in the table below.

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