Friday, July 7, 2017

Activity Update May 2017: Pench Madhya Pradesh


Tuyepani: putting up water pots for birds


 Team: Mandar Pingle – Conservation Officer
            Bandu Uikey – Conservation Officer
            Niranjan Hinge – Community Officer
Kamlesh Pawar – Community Officer

·      Organised voluntary work project to clean plastic litter in Turiya village
·      Organised voluntary work project to prepare compost tank in Bisenpur village
·      Organised one voluntary work project to clean well in Turiya village
·      Kamlesh accompanied Forest Department staff on foot patrol near Thuyepani village; 10 villagers volunteer to join patrol
·      Kamlesh assisted Forest Department in detecting and controlling forest fire near Thuyepani village
·      Installed water pots for birds in 8 villages, a total of 56 villagers and children volunteered
·      Celebrated International Biodiversity Day 2017 in various villages 


On May 18, Kamlesh led a team of 10 villagers along with Forest Department staff on a foot patrol along the boundary of Thuyepani village and core area of Pench Tiger Reserve. During the patrol, the team inspected the damaged portion of solar fencing provided by Forest Department to reduce man-animal conflict. They also checked for any illegal activity like timber logging or poaching. No illegal activity was found during the patrol.

On May 26, Kamlesh organised a voluntary work project programme in Bisenpur village to prepare a compost tank. 10 villagers volunteered to prepare the compost tank. Farm waste, kitchen waste and other such biodegradable waste will be dumped in the compost tank. The villagers will be able to use the organic compost from this tank after a few months. Kamlesh, during the voluntary work project, made villagers aware about hazards of chemical fertilisers on soil, human health and biodiversity. 

On May 26, Niranjan organised a voluntary work project to clean plastic waste near Turiya village. 5 children from the village volunteered and collected plastic trash and disposed it in a landfill. During the voluntary work project, Niranjan explained the hazards of plastic waste and encouraged the volunteers to regularly clean plastic waste.

On May 24, Kamlesh noticed smoke emanating from the forest area near Thuyepani village. He immediately informed the concerned Forest Department officials. Upon a visit to the spot, it was observed that the fire was in the area under the jurisdiction of Maharashtra Forest Department. Kamlesh informed the officials on the Maharashtra side regarding the fire. He later assisted the staff of Forest Department in controlling the fire. During summer, forest fires are a common feature in this region.

On May 27, Niranjan and 4 villagers cleaned a well in Turiya village. The well water was littered with plastic trash and organic litter, which rendered the well water unfit for drinking. During the voluntary work project, the villagers removed the plastic trash and leaf litter and cleaned the water.

On May 5, Kamlesh along with 6 children of Thuyepani village installed water containers in their village for birds during the summer season. Kamlesh encouraged the children to regularly fill up the containers so that the birds can drink water during dry summer season. Immediately after the pots were installed, the kids were able to spots various birds like bulbuls, sunbirds, shrikes, sparrows, magpie robins etc at the water pots. Similar programmes were organised by Niranjan and Kamlesh in other villages of buffer area.

On May 21, Niranjan Hinge repaired an inoperative biogas unit in Potiya village. Biogas helps reduce the dependency of villagers on fuel wood from forest areas and also avoids health issues due to reduced smoke emissions.  

In May, we organised 4 nature trails for the children of Potiya, Turiya, Durgapur and Satosha villages. On the trails, our staff spoke to the children about the various plants and common medicinal uses of those plants. They were also taught how to spot and identify birds. The importance of birds in nature was also explained to the children.

On May 22, Satpuda Foundation celebrated International Biodiversity Day 2017 in numerous villages of buffer area of Priyadarshini Pench Tiger Reserve. Niranjan Hinge along with 7 villagers of Durgapur village cleaned a water tank near a hand-pump during a voluntary work project programme followed by a meeting. During the summer season, water scarcity for cattle makes the cattle wander near the forest area in search of water. There is a risk of the cattle being killed by carnivores, leading to conflict. Also diseases can also be transmitted from the cattle to the jungle herbivores. Hence, Niranjan encouraged the villagers to clean a water tank near a hand pump inside the village. Now the cattle do not have to venture close to the forest area. Women of Nalanda Self Help Group (SHG) actively participated in the voluntary work project programme. During the meeting, members of Village Eco-development Committee (VEDC) were present. Kamlesh organised a similar programme in Thuyepani village in which 8 villagers volunteered. He also encouraged 7 children from the village to install water pots for birds.

Employment Cell  

During the month, we were able to help 5 youths get jobs with Crane Radar, a company in Pune. One of Kamlesh’s friends, who hails from Thuyepani, works at Crane Radar and he informed Kamlesh about the job openings in his company. 

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