Thursday, July 6, 2017

Activity Update April 2017: Tadoba


Adegaon: The headmaster of the village school
puts up a water pot for birds

Adegaon health camp: a patient checks her weight as she
registers for treatment

Katwal: village children carrying out a cleanliness drive

Kutwanda: Conservation Officer Prameek puts up a water bowl for birds
to sensitise village children about wildlife

Kutwanda: Field Assistant Kishor speaks to children about nature

Kutwanda: students learn about water conservation


Field Staff: -
Conservation Officer – Prameek Kannan
Field Assistant – Kishor Dudhbarai


·      2 cleanliness drives in Katwal with 70 participants
·      18 education programmes were conducted in 7 villages
·      6 nature and wildlife film shows with 326 students
·      13 interactive classroom lecture sessions with 709 students


As a part of his on-going initiative to engage the local communities to clean the buffer villages, Kishor conducted 2 cleanliness drives in his home village of Katwal. He engaged 70 volunteers to take part in the drives in which plastic and polythene litter was cleared from the streets.


With temperatures climbing well into the 40s, our educational activities centered on water conservation and providing water for wildlife. We encouraged students to set up birdbaths – setting up pots and vessels filled with water for birds to drink. These activities also provide the children additional opportunities to learn about the wildlife around their village, as we encouraged the students to keep a keen eye on the activities around the birdbaths.

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